PxidaTX Promises a Unique Employee Engagement Survey Tool for Driving Better Business Outcomes

August 19 22:12 2020
The employee engagement app launched by the US-based behavioral and cognitive analytics technology company OSG Analytics reportedly provides unique and highly impactful results for businesses.

Understanding what matters most to the employees and how the organization is performing in terms of overall employee satisfaction are key insights that most companies still struggle in uncovering. However, PxidaTX is an app that promises to change that forever. With its unique and highly impactful employee engagement survey and other similar tools, the app provides significant help for HR professionals.

PxidaTX is an app launched by OSG Analytics, a US-based behavioral and cognitive analytics technology company. The app contains a library of employee surveys that any HR team can utilize by adapting it to suit their company. In recent news, PxidaTX has reportedly provided key information and insights for many HR teams regarding the most important things that employees consider with the thought of going back into the office during Covid-19.

When asked about the app’s potential, OSG’s Chief Product & Marketing Officer Simon Dumville said, “Our product has a unique capability to capture what matters to most employees and understand what motivates their decisions.” He further added, “We’ve had several HR teams and organizations return with great feedback regarding the unique solution that PxidaTX provides. We are confident that it is considerably more impactful than other solutions.”

With advanced options, such as a cloud-based database where employee contact details such as age, gender and department can be uploaded, PxidaTX is geared towards delivering guaranteed results. The surveys can also be tailored for respective departments, whereas more advanced features, such as real time customizable dashboards and survey logic, all come without any additional costs.

For organizations dedicated to understanding their employees and acting upon their feedback, PxidaTX promises significant help. It can not only help companies achieve more, but also gives them a unique solution to be more productive, while also improving their business outcomes.

To find out more about the app and how it can be beneficial to businesses, visit PxidaTX’s official website at www.pxida-tx.com.

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OSG Analytics is a US-based behavioral and cognitive analytics technology company. The company owns the promising employee engagement survey app called PxidaTX. Based in Newtown, PA, OSG also has offices in India, Dubai and Chile.

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