Traedonya’s Tribute To Professor X’s Activist Legacy In ‘The Reality’ Is A Stunning Work Of Art

August 20 21:28 2020

Traedonya’s latest song ‘The Reality’ functions as a touching and thrilling tribute to one of America’s most underrated hip-hop activists.

Though the style of the tune is undeniably inspired by a little bit of old-school rap and R&B, the subject matter remains as contemporary as ever. Following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Black Lives Matter movement has experienced a massive resurgence. There’s no better way to honour the passionate activist that was Professor X: he stood on the frontlines of the civil rights era. 

Traedonya’s silvery-smooth vocals imbue both glamour and vulnerability. From the first lyric — “life is like a tidal wave” — you’re in for a sentimental ride. Both the slow tempo as well as the subtle touches of the jazz in the background make for a rather sultry arrangement.

The vocal overlaps also add to the 90s vibe but it never takes away from the steady, mesmerizing effect of the instrumentation. The first verse runs for a while and gets repetitive at times but Traedonya is able to bring back some gusto for the second go of the chorus. The bridge of the composition is where the track really shines.

Traedonya leans into her vocal flexibility and soars through some wonderful riffs. Each note is struck with so much emotion and energy that it’s hard not to get into the groove. The track may have begun at a slower pace but by the end, it’s a roaring, breathtaking delight.

If Traedonya doesn’t draw the attention of a producer extraordinaire after this endeavour, then it will be a damn shame. Best of all, it properly shows respect to the admirable work of Professor X. Exploring themes of nostalgia, regret, passion, fairness and human nature, it doesn’t hold back from the tougher morals. At the same time, it doesn’t try to hammer you over the head with its underlying messages surrounding some of the hot topics in the society at the moment. Word must also be reserved for the production of the feature; it’s flashy enough but it never takes away from Traedonya’s star power all while adhering to Professor X’s own style.

The video for ‘The Reality sends a powerful message out too. Featuring a unique split screen format, it delivers a message of hope but also outlines some of the recent events and problems that have dominated the news lately. It seems the right side of the video shows the ideal life, whereas the left side displays the more serious events of reality.

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