Most advanced purpose-built beard straightener on Kickstarter

August 31 23:09 2020

Aberlite Pro is a cutting-edge purpose-built beard and hair straightener that assures safe, hassle-free and super-fast straightening results without burns which will last for days.

Forget long hours at salons to tame your unruly beard. NY-based men’s grooming brand Aberlite has recently launched the most advanced and purpose-built beard and hair straightener on Kickstarter that can nail your beard in just 2 minutes. Titled “Aberlite Pro”, the beard straightener has already attracted lot of press and has been featured by the esteemed New York Times (July 2020 article by Adam Newman).

The USP of Aberlite Pro is its innovative PTC heating technology which not only nails your beard super-fast but also keeps it groomed for days. Another major aspect of the straightener is its advanced ionic conditioning capacity that emits negative ions during use to make the whole process snag and frizz-free. The device detangles hair and keeps it softer and smoother for long. Aberlite Pro works on all kinds of beard, long, short, wavy, curly, and so on.

“Unlike regular ‘beard brushes’ that are mostly women’s hair straighteners re-branded as beard straighteners, our Aberlite Pro is a purpose-built and cutting edge beard and hair straightener for men. We have developed the device from ground up, shortened the bristles and spaced the heating elements to ensure the perfect-salon-quality beard grooming right at your home – in just 2 minutes. Its unique 4-column bristle structure allows closer contact with your face as well as scalp and makes our beard straightener more efficient than women hair straighteners that can’t operate at an optimum level on shorter hair of men”.

Aberlite Pro can reach up to a maximum temperature of 200 degree C (400 degree F) in little more than a minute and maintains that temperature range for long. The integrated PTC heating technology enables the device to maintain heat consistency for a prolonged time and also eliminates the hassle of reheating after every pass. Aberlite Pro also features 8 different temperature settings so that users can customize the heat level just as per their specific needs.

Designed with Anti-Scald 2 mm Comb Tooth Technology, the straightener is able to straighten beard effectively close to the roots yet without the risk of burning. More precisely, the brush bristles are equipped with cold tips to prevent burns while in contact with face during straightening. 

Advanced features of Aberlite Pro:

  • Backed by Advanced Thermal Technology for quick and safe heat
  • Different temperature setting for precision control
  • Anti-scald Comb Tooth Technology to prevent risks of burns
  • Advanced Ionic Conditioning for hassle-free long-lasting results
  • Auto security shut-off
  • 360 degree Swivel cord
  • Trusted by pros
  • Easy portability
  • Works on all kind of beards and men hair

“Aberlite Pro is just the beard and hair straightening tool that all our cool hunks have been waiting for. Designed for the fast life today, it helps you to nail your beard in just two minutes and you can also carry it easily wherever you travel. Most importantly, with Aberlite Pro, you have the guarantee of a safe, efficient and long-lasting result for days. At present, we are looking for a mass production and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring Aberlite Pro to life and make our menfolk more stylish than ever.”

Backers will be rewarded with a bunch of perks, including handy discounts on Aberlite Pro and Aberlite Pro starter pack.

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