Charlotte’s Deaf Andrews Reveals Funky Summer Single “Glow”

September 09 18:20 2020

Deaf Andrews, the four-member Rock n’ Roll band from Charlotte, NC are set to release their new Funk single, “Glow” on August XX. Amidst the Covid pandemic, the band has refocused in their second year – devoting their time to writing new music and expanding their sonic tool belt.  “Glow” breaks new ground for the band, showcasing their potential to flourish in a wide range of genres. 

Propelled by Mike Sherrard’s beguiling and funky guitar riffs which reverberate throughout the track, “Glow” leads the listener along a bustling city strip, immersing them into a scene of after-hour amusement. Lyrics from lead singer Nick Hayes reason, “There’s no wrong way” in this neon-lit world, and urge the listener to let go of stress from everyday life. Performances from the rhythm section (Braedon Nelson – Drums, Ross Schumann – Bass) develop and guide the track through swells of intensity and moments of release.

In a first for the band, Deaf Andrews partnered with producer Todd Johnson to record “Glow”. Johnson lends the track a polish unseen in any previous Deaf Andrews release. “Glow” is also the first collaboration between Deaf Andrews and another musician, saxophonist Jay Connor, whose performance utilizes a spectrum of textures – from the brash and rowdy to the smooth and soulful –  to elevate and bind the track together. The final cut results in a sound which evokes classic funks of the 1960s and 70s while carrying the unique personal signature of the band.

While the Covid pandemic halted the band’s plans for a summer tour, the team will follow “Glow”s release by returning to the studio to write and record new music. The band was busy until early 2020, playing shows across North Carolina – drawing crowds of 100+ in both Charlotte and Raleigh. With the new single providing a much needed kick in their step, Deaf Andrews are ready to recapture the pre-pandemic momentum. 

Deaf Andrews was formed while its members studied at UNC Charlotte. The band comprises Nick Hayes on guitar and lead vocals; Braedon Nelson on drums and keyboards; Ross Schumann on bass and backing vocals; and Mike Sherrard as lead guitar. Their previous releases include the single “Justified” and the EP “Tease”.

About the band

Hailing from disparate corners of North Carolina, Deaf Andrews has been making Rock n’ Roll music in Charlotte since 2018. Deaf Andrews draws on the experiences and musical obsessions of its founding members to create songs that speak to the modern condition using musical language from all eras and genres of rock. With influences from Blues, Indie, Classic Rock, and Funk, these four friends are on a mission to explore sounds that compel the feet to move, the head to bang, and reward the ears for getting closer to the music.

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