“The Shooting of June Price” makes the list of finalists at the 2020 Peachtree Village International Film Festival

September 16 20:26 2020
Captivating feature screenplay, “The Shooting of June Price”, ranks amongst the best at the 15th annual Peachtree Village International Film Festival

Talented writer and filmmaker, Orion Kaminky, has made the headlines again after his screenplay, “The Shooting of June Price”, made the list of finalists at the 15th annual Peachtree Village International Film Festival. The captivating screenplay that seeks to bring to bear the seeming rot in the justice system, especially in the area of police brutality has caught the attention of big shots in the entertainment industry.

We believe that this is a very timely screenplay that voices what’s happening in the world today as it relates to African Americans and law enforcement. We’re happy to have a story like this as a part of our list of finalists this year,” said Len Gibson, the founder and CEO of PVIFF.

The multi-billion-dollar movie industry has grown over the years, thanks to the contributions of different stakeholders, including film producers, directors, writers, and actors. One name that has practically taken the industry by storm with his amazing writing and filmmaking skills is the African American, Orion Kaminky.

Orion’s “The Shooting of June Price” tells the story of a young successful black man and how he was trapped on the same day as it repeats a nightmare of him being killed by the police. The captivating story of the movie sheds more light on the plight of the Black Lives Matter movement and the unfortunate increase in the cases of police brutality that has led to protests across the United States and other parts of the world.

Orion Kaminky seems to have mastered the art of creating entertaining yet educating content with the director and writer known for “Cataclysm” released in 2015, “Eleven: Eleven” in 2016, and “Juice 2016″.  The multifaceted entertainer also acted in a short film titled Part of a Balanced Breakfast.

The Peachtree Village International Film Festival was launched in 2005 by James “JB” Brown and Len Gibson as an international film, music, and tech festival featuring some of the world’s Best-In-Class indie and mainstream content.

“The Shooting of June Price” making the list of the 2020 edition of PVIFF, which will hold virtually on https://www.pviffatl.com/ from October 29 through November 1, 2020, further reiterates the ingenuity and creativity of Orion Kaminky as a writer.

About Orion Kaminky

Orion Kaminky is an African American filmmaker and writer born and raised in New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment. Orion grew his passion for writing stories that inspire and provoke the black voice and is using his skills to provoke conversations across the globe.

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