How Gleamin is democratizing skincare through celebrating diversity

November 23 16:36 2020
Natural skincare company Gleamin works to build a healthy, inclusive environment in the beauty industry.

Gleamin, a skincare company that revolves around superfoods, aims to create a line of effective, clean products formulated for global skin concerns. They’re using powerful, natural superfoods like turmeric to build products that help make your skin healthier, both inside and out. Gleamin focuses on and celebrates diversity within their team, community, and marketing strategy, in order to combat an industry standard that has historically ignored marginalized groups. They hope to communicate the idea to their customers and the wider world that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way, and their skin deserves to be treated as such. They formulate products that will work with any and all skin types so that anyone is able to use their product, rather than just a small subset of the population, like many skincare lines today.

When it comes to skincare, Gleamin creates hypoallergenic products that are safe for all skin types, regardless of where in the world you’re using them. Depending on skin type (dry, oily, or combination), skin tone, and age, your skin may have different concerns and therefore require different solutions. Gleamin aims to create products that can combat these concerns, naturally.

Although right now they only carry one product line, their vision extends far beyond this. With six new products in the works, they hope to expand their product line, not just to help dark spots, acne, and hyperpigmentation, but other skincare concerns as well. Gleamin wants to create a global community based around authenticity, diversity, and transparency, all with the goal of promoting your healthiest self and increasing self-confidence.

Gleamin’s first series of products revolves around turmeric, a historically well-known health ingredient, aloe vera, and vitamin C. The product, a brightly colored face mask, is intended for users struggling with hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and uneven skin tone. While acne is usually considered to be the main culprit of skin-related problems and insecurities, there are just as many other problems out there that affect the way that people feel about their skin, and by extension, themselves. Natural ingredients like the ones in Gleamin’s Vitamin C Clay Mask can help to combat these major skin concerns and build users’ confidence. Gleamin only uses clean, cruelty-free ingredients in order to stick to their company standard of real, natural skincare.

CEO Jordan Smyth describes the company’s policy best, saying, “I feel there is not enough diversity, authenticity, and transparency within the beauty industry. There is so much airbrushing going on, putting more pressure on people to be something they’re not. At Gleamin, we go beyond basic beauty worries to explore the damaging impact skin issues have on people on a personal level. Then, we endeavor to enrich our global community with natural confidence by developing effective, clean, superfood-rich formulas.”

About Gleamin

Founded in 2018, Gleamin is built on the belief that there is not enough diversity, authenticity, and transparency within the beauty industry. By developing effective, clean, superfood-rich formulas that are safe for all skin types, Gleamin endeavors to enrich its global community with natural confidence, and a new-found sense of freedom.

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