Child Psychologist Edmonton Helps Kids and Teens Rise Above Mental Health Issues and Transition to Becoming Well-Adjusted Adults

January 19 08:00 2021
Child Psychologist Edmonton Helps Kids and Teens Rise Above Mental Health Issues and Transition to Becoming Well-Adjusted Adults
Pine Cone Health serves the communities in and around Edmonton, Alberta, through its expertise in addressing mental health issues that kids and adolescents face. It equips vulnerable kids with psychological tools to experience psychological and physical wellbeing.

According to announcements released by Pine Cone Health and Mallory Becker, this child psychologist Edmonton helps children and teens struggling with issues such as anxiety and excessive worrying, depressive symptoms, family challenges, social skills, grief and loss, and substance abuse. 

It uses practical tools and techniques to understand the issues that a child may be grappling with. Evidence-based play therapy is used to encourage children to understand feelings and emotions and express them. Through cognitive behavior therapy, kids are taught to recognize negative emotions and counter them. This therapy has proven effective in tackling issues such as anxiety and depression. 

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is an effective therapy used by Pine Cone Health for dealing with emotional issues that children have to live with because of unsettling life experiences. It helps kids get over the trauma that is holding them back from expressing themselves freely. 

This clinic fosters an environment that enables caregivers to understand what a child feels attached to and then provide the child with a secure environment. 

Counseling, and therapy offered by Pine Cone Health can potentially benefit all children. Timely counseling can empower and educate children about the challenges they will face as they grow older. Change is the only constant in life due to moving into teenage, changing neighborhoods, getting introduced to new subjects at school, or even pleasant or not so pleasant issues at home. Expert counselors at Pine Cone Health are at hand to guide Edmonton’s kids and the community in general about coping with change and not getting fazed by anxiety and fear. 

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Mallory Becker of Pine Cone Health said, “A child psychologist is trained in, and has studied child development and utilizes treatment interventions that are suitable and beneficial for a child’s age and level of development. A child psychologist can help children manage anxiety, worries, peer conflict/friendship difficulties, navigate challenging family dynamics such as separation/divorce/blended families/death, or support developmental disabilities or other medical or psychological conditions.

“Teenagers engage in therapy in different ways. Some engage verbally right from the beginning. Others take more time to become comfortable engaging with their psychologist. Others may benefit from/prefer more non-verbal methods of therapy such as play or art-based therapies, or trauma therapies.”

Offering further insight, Becker said, “Mental health has come a long way over the past 50 years. While our parents and grandparents were told not to discuss things that were troubling them, now we are being encouraged to talk through issues that may be troubling us. With bullying, peer pressure, and suicide rates being where they are, mental health has been brought to the surface as a vital healthcare component.

“Early psychological intervention means the child will receive early therapeutic care, which will help them adaptively progress into adulthood. We need to have healthy discussions, promote positivity, and give our children the tools they need to confidently walk through life. At Pine Cone Health, we care for the mind, which allows the child to develop new tools for them to grow, and to set them up for success in the future.”

About the Company:

Pine Cone Health is staffed by skilled and compassionate psychologists, physiotherapists, and speech therapists to help kids and adolescents grow up confidently unburdened by issues that can otherwise affect mental health and even physical development. Pine Cone Health respects the individuality of each child and nurtures them to achieve their potential. 

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