Influencer Nigar Alieva Draws the Line When It Comes to Her Personal Life

January 26 04:27 2021
Influencer Nigar Alieva Draws the Line When It Comes to Her Personal Life

Influencer marketing has drawn such a massive interest over the past few years from brands as social media users respond dramatically to their engaging and attractive content. Clearly, influencers like Nigar Alieva have such a powerful impact on the lives of their followers enough to shape their opinions, choices, and personal preferences. For Nigar, however, drawing the line when it comes to her personal life is a sacred choice. Just because revealing one’s intimate relationships, relationships status, or personal conflicts sells does not mean that she wants these details of her life to be exploited by the public. 

For Nigar, drawing the line will preserve her privacy in one way or the other. More than anything else, on the other hand, she values imparting relevant and helpful content on her social media accounts instead of just posting what her 731,000 followers expect her to upload. Doing this also helps her preserve her mental health, and it is something that she hopes her fellow influencers could find the heart to follow in the future. 

“In my opinion, my personal life must stay behind closed doors. Audiences usually think we don’t have a personal life but we perfectly do have everything. Same love stories, same processes, and dramas that everyone goes through. It’s just in my opinion, the personal life of an influencer, it’s something that definitely invites attention,” the influencer reveals. 

The entrepreneur and politically analytical influencer wants to be able to use her massive reach to help her audiences make better and more intelligent decisions about their lives. She wants to give them content that will guide them on how to become stronger, wiser, and forward-thinking individuals. There are countless important concerns in the world today, and Nigar wants to be instrumental in shedding light on these issues and rally people to become more mindful of them at the same time. 

“We must share with our audiences how to stand up for themselves, to defend themselves, know their rights, and respect the law. Sticking together and spreading the love is the most amazing part of what an influencer does. At the end of the day, you know you helped couples come together, you helped somebody to forgive, you bring peace to hearts. And that’s what is being an influencer is about and it’s amazing,” Nigar explains. 

Nigar believes that influencers like her should handle their popularity responsibly due to the immense power of social media in this generation. Statistically, 70% of teens nowadays trust influencers more than traditional celebrities. 86% of women use social media for purchasing advice. The same data published by the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) reveals that 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations, while 60% of teens follow the advice of influencers over celebrities. Additionally, it is a known fact that influencer marketing has surpassed print marketing, a big leap from the generation that invested heavily on fashion and beauty magazines. 

As Nigar Alieva redefines the influencer standards, she looks forward to making a significant impact on changing the world to become a safer, happier, and promising place to be in for many more generations to come. 

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