HBSB Holdings, LLC Buys Homes For Cash in Phoenix, AZ

January 26 14:09 2021
HBSB Holdings, LLC Buys Homes For Cash in Phoenix, AZ

In June of 2020 (during the height of the COVID pandemic), the annual rate for sales of previously owned properties and houses fell just beneath five million units. With so many houses available on the market, finding the right buyer can be difficult. This is especially true when some buyers are trying to sell their homes at the same time.

When facing this situation, working with companies like HBSB Holdings, LLC, which pay cash for homes, is a good idea. Keep reading to learn some of the top benefits offered by selling a home for cash.

Get All the Money Upfront

One of the biggest benefits offered by working with a local we buy houses company is that a homeowner does not have to give any commission to their real estate agent. Since commission rates for most Realtors are around six percent, the home seller may save thousands of dollars when they choose this selling option. Even in situations where the home sells for less than it may have to a different buyer, usually everything balances out when the commission fees are considered.

Sales Happen Quickly

Using the services of a cash buyer, such as https://www.hbsbholdings.com/, is a quick and easy process. The seller does not have to wait to have people walk around and look at the house and then look into the offers received. There is also an extensive wait when it comes to ensuring a buyer is approved for the loan. If they are denied, then the entire process has to start again.

If someone wants to sell their home fast, using the services of a cash buyer is the best option. Based on the circumstances of the situation, it is possible to cut out the need to show the house, wait for offers, and then have the loans approved. Instead, a person receives a cash offer, they accept it, and the paperwork is done. That’s it.

Reduced Chance of the Sale Falling Through

There is no type of chain when it comes to cash purchases. This means the likelihood that the sale will fall through is much lower. No one has to worry about the bank deciding they will not offer the person who wants to buy the loan they requested. Also, there is no concern that the buyer will get cold feet. In some cases, the sale may be completed in as little as a week, which means there is much less time for things to go bad or wrong.

No Repairs Necessary

Cash buyers want to purchase the home as-is. They do not care if a new kitchen is installed, if the roof needs work, or if there are other issues.

When someone wants to sell their home quickly, working with a cash for homes buyer is the best option. This will ensure a fast, hassle-free sale and ensure the seller gets the money quickly. Taking the stress out of the home selling process is something most people appreciate and are more than willing to look into.

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