House Window Tinting by I Tint Specialist in Selangor, Malaysia for Privacy, Security, and Lower Power Bills

January 27 10:06 2021
House Window Tinting by I Tint Specialist in Selangor, Malaysia for Privacy, Security, and Lower Power Bills
Since 2013, I Tint Specialist has been offering home and office window tinting, glass signage, and acrylic signage services. Its window tinting promotion package of RM999 only has been a hit with customers who are availing it for improved security, security, and lower power bills.

According to announcements released by I Tint Specialist, this office and house window tintservice in Selangor, Malaysia, has been successfully serving its clients for the past eight years. A house window tinted through this business provides a multitude of benefits. 

A solar tinted film cuts down the heat by nearly 80% and reduces cooling costs during summers. A house tinted with the tinted film also benefits from increased privacy from prying outsiders. 

Customers can choose the best-tinted film for their needs. Reflective UV film is an option for residential and commercial customers that wish to prevent UV light from damaging furniture and paint inside. Transparent UV film by this business helps achieve the same objectives. 

Solar window tinted film is a high-performance alternative for those who want to keep the interiors cool without incurring high air-conditioning costs. Frosted and decorative film for windows and bathroom doors is an excellent choice for privacy. Safety security tinted film strengthens the glass and makes it more resistant to breakage during burglary attempts. 

Customers can contact I Tint Specialist for in-depth insight into the best-tinted film solution for their requirements. The company is offering a promotional window tinting package for only RM999.

Acrylic signage offered by I Tint Windows allows businesses to project a professional image. This firm has the expertise to customize the signage to suit the size, shape, color, and design requirements. Acrylic signage is durable and is a value-for-money proposition for offices, food stalls, shops, stores, etc. 

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I Tint Specialist said, “The windows in your office or building should be assets, not problems. And you want your clients and employees to enjoy the beauty of those windows, not avoid them.

Our wide selection of commercial window films helps you turn this desire into reality. Professionally installed window film is a simple, cost-effective solution for a wide range of window-related problems. Our extensive selection gives you the freedom and inspiration you need to find the ideal fit for your plans, whether they’re to improve an existing property or to design a new building from foundation to roof.” 

On the benefits of its inkjet sticker printing services, I Tint Specialist said, “Inkjet sticker printing functions as a potent advertising tool for business. It is versatile and can be applied on walls as a mural poster on glass and signboards. It never fails to attract the attention of customers. Inkjet sticker printing can be applied on car bumpers, buses, and other vehicles. Vehicles provide an excellent opportunity to advertise products or services to the public. Apart from business advertisements, inkjet sticker printing can easily be applied in homes for interior design. Colorful and with different designs, these can decorate the house and make it more comfortable. Inkjet sticker printing also serves for wall posters and murals on public properties for aesthetics, guidance, and information.”

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I Tint Specialist has provided dependable window tinting services in Selangor, Malaysia, for more than seven years. Its clientele includes residential customers and well-known businesses. Its range of window tints, quick response, and professionally done jobs have made this business a go-to resource for all window tinting requirements.

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