Ennobled for Success: Dr. Kasthuri Henry Shows How To Live A Mindful, Empowered, And Positive Life – And Excel In Business

January 28 01:12 2021
Ennobled for Success: Dr. Kasthuri Henry Shows How To Live A Mindful, Empowered, And Positive Life - And Excel In Business

“Success is knowing what matters and what is lasting. Then living an unapologetic life of gratitude wrapped in kindness, compassion, and empathy in a world that considers them human weakness becomes the mark of courageous triumph!”

~ Dr. Kasthuri Henry

Born a persecuted, minority Tamil Hindu in war-torn Sri Lanka, Dr. Kasthuri Henry defied all odds to become an accomplished business founder and leader, Six Sigma Black Belt, graduate school professor motivational speaker. How did she do it? As revealed in her #1 best-selling book, Ennobled for Success: From Civil War to a US CFO, Dr. Henry chose not to let her circumstances define her but to shape her path toward meaningful success, anchored in her authentic self and her “noble qualities.” 

Her personal experience influences her business of consulting, training, and coaching global businesses and leaders. She offers her transformational perspective on success to the millions of professionals who feel limited by their past and blocked by notions of how success ‘should’ be attained. Dr. Henry encourages us to “go deeper to bring the best of us forward,” then offers a practical guide for our empowered selves to contribute to the greater good and mutual prosperity.

“Our purpose lies in the intersection of our passion, our skill, and the needs of society,” says Dr. Henry, “The purpose of an individual and the greater purpose to serve are interconnected. When our right-brain chemistry is fueled by our noble qualities of kindness, compassion, and empathy, then everything we do is enhanced by authentic relationships, which builds a sustainable, self-healing ecosystem that makes shared prosperity possible.”   

From the wise lessons of Ennobled for Success, Dr. Henry shares three tips to support individuals finding the intersection of personal success and contribution for an ennobled life.

Tip #1 – Introspection, mindfulness, and an open heart: Start each day with introspection, examining how you can mindfully embrace the day by listening and looking with your heart. Then go into your day prepared to view situations through the “noble quality” lens of kindness, compassion, and empathy, which will keep you in grace without succumbing to your lesser self.

Tip #2 – Every human interaction is an opportunity for transformation: With every person, you meet during your day, think about how they are transforming you. Embrace the lesson that unfolds so you can grow from it. Remember, some of the sad and hurtful encounters are what polish us into the resilient, sparkling diamonds we become.

Tip #3 – Capture daily lessons learned: At the end of each day, take note of these experiences in a gratitude journal, then reflect on the priceless lessons you have learned. Here are prompts for your reflections: “What Happened,” “How it Impacted Me,” and “Why I am Grateful.” (The Gratitude Journal to accompany Ennoble for Success was released by Amazon in January 2021.)

Dr. Henry believes now more than ever; compassionate leadership is needed to navigate today’s socio-economic realities. She hopes these three tips will help anyone who wants to chart their own course to ennobled success and world impact. 

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