After 8 Years of Development, Great Oral Health® Releases its Pro-Mineralizer Natural Toothpaste.

February 04 16:33 2021
Researched and developed by a renowned holistic dentist, this advanced toothpaste is designed to provide superior sensitivity relief and to naturally whiten your teeth.

Sensitive teeth can not only cause discomfort and pain but they are generally a sign of weakening enamel which opens the door to further tooth decay and other health issues. While some individuals have simply inherited weak enamel, for most people the problem is caused by the combination of wear-and-tear, overly harsh brushing, acidic foods and the acids produced by the bacteria in the mouth. In some cases, harsh and abrasive toothpastes that claim to whiten teeth are actually scouring away enamel!

Whether by abrasion, foods, acids or just time and wear, the enamel layer demineralizes. One result of this process is increased sensitivity.

While it is not yet possible to scientifically regrow enamel, it is possible to strengthen the outer enamel layer of the teeth. The main component of tooth enamel is a form of calcium known as hydroxyapatite. In fact, hydroxyapatite is the main ingredient making up bones and teeth. It is completely safe and is a “bio-active” material, which means that the body will accept and incorporate it easily into rebuilding and strengthening the bones and teeth.

The key word here is “incorporate” as what needs to happen is that the tooth surface must accept and bond the hydroxyapatite into its structure. Just raw calcium by itself is not very effective.

Thank goodness for science coming to the rescue. Recent developments in “nano” technology have created super-small particles of hydroxyapatite that readily bond to the tooth’s surface. Imagine tons of microscopic (or even a bit bigger) holes, pockets and defects on the enamel. Now picture pure white nano-particles of bioactive hydroxyapatite filling all those holes and bonding to them. The result is a stronger protective layer across the surface of the enamel. This not only helps keep the teeth safer but that bonding layer can also reduce painful sensitivity.

One additional benefit of hydroxyapatite is that by bonding to the enamel it actually creates a slick layer that discourages the bad bacteria in the mouth from sticking to the teeth. When these types of bacteria attach to teeth, they produce acids that eat away at the teeth as well as lay down unhealthy layers of plaque.

Great Oral Health’s ProMineralizer toothpaste contains a full 11% concentration of a patented form of nano-hydroxyapatite that was specifically researched and developed for rapid integration into the enamel of the teeth. Not only does it bond to the surface, improving strength and reducing sensitivity, but as this nano-hydroxyapatite is a pure white substance it helps to naturally whiten teeth as well.

The toothpaste is fluoride-free and loaded with natural ingredients such as: sea salt, baking soda, wintergreen, Aloe Vera and more.

Available now on Amazon and on the Great Oral Health website.

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