Laura Garwood Offers Easy Healthy Eating Tips In Perfectly Plated

February 04 18:14 2021
Personal holistic chef and founder of Kitchen of Life, Laura Garwood, launches her new book titled “Perfectly Plated: A Hands-On Guide To Digestive Health And Nutritional Wealth,” a life-changing book on healthy eating habits

Laura Garwood is staying true to her goal of helping as many people as possible on their path to wellness through delicious and healing plant-based food with the release of her new book titled “Perfectly Plated: A Hands-On Guide To Digestive Health And Nutritional Wealth.” The book, which will be officially launched on February 17th, 2021, offers readers an easy to implement guide on preparing delicious healthy meals.

The popular saying that “we are what we eat” is a substantiation of the importance of paying attention to what goes into the body. Several studies have revealed that many of the health challenges faced by millions of people across the globe are attributed to eating habits. In a similar development, nutritionists and health experts have stated that eating healthy meals can correct many of the health issues that millions of people battle. Unfortunately, there are only a few resources detailing ways of making healthy eating easy, which is where Laura Garwood is looking to make a difference with the creation of Kitchen of Life and the subsequent launch of Perfectly Plated.

Laura personifies the process of embracing a healthy eating habit, digging into her experience of failing health and healing through plant-based whole foods. Perfectly Plated is unlike an average cookbook as it is authored for all categories of individuals, especially people with emerging health problems.

Laura Garwood aims to make healthy eating as easy as possible, sharing delicious recipes, tips, and tricks to help readers make the transition to digestive health and nutritional wealth with relative ease. Readers benefit from having a guide and reassuring coach in Laura Garwood to put the journey to health and longevity within their reach.

“Perfectly Plated: A Hands-On Guide To Digestive Health And Nutritional Wealth” will be officially launched on February 17th, with the Kindle version available on Amazon for free on the same date.

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About Laura Garwood

Laura Garwood is a health coach, personal holistic chef, and founder of Kitchen of Life. She aims to help people create newfound life and wellbeing by using a plant-based diet to improve their health. Laura is a graduate of the Hippocrates Health Institute and is dedicated to sharing the tips and benefits of healthy eating with the world.

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