Social media influencer Alaudin Mustafa donates tablets to orphans amid virtual learning struggle

February 05 00:45 2021
Social media influencer Alaudin Mustafa donates tablets to orphans amid virtual learning struggle

Social media influencer Alaudin Mustafa has donated tablets to orphans in Skopje, North Macedonia who are currently struggling to cope with the challenges of online learning.

Mustafa, who shot to fame as a basketball player in North Macedonia before becoming an internet influencer and vlogger, provided tablets and other learning devices to orphans in humanitarian organization O.H. Kalliri i Mirësisë in Skopje.

In a video uploaded on his Youtube channel on January 2, Mustafa gave tablets to 20 orphan children and told them the importance of education and gaining knowledge. The campaign was dubbed “Donate Warmth” in English. 

“The coronavirus pandemic has upended so many lives. The most vulnerable sectors, including children, have been bearing the brunt of the effects of this health crisis. We want to assure them that we’re here to help them dream on,” the 25-year-old social media influencer said in a recent interview.

O.H. Kalliri i Mirësisë is a leading organization in the field of humanitarian sector in Skopje. It is a non-governmental and non-profit organization which seeks to help the less fortunate. 

Six-foot-six Mustafa was a former basketball player born in Skopje. He was a small forward who most recently played for U20 North Macedonia in the U20 European Championship.

Mustafa has helped more communities through Team Flatra

When he started his Youtube channel, Mustafa also founded Team Flatra, which has been on the frontline in helping children, senior citizens, and members of the vulnerable sector through several assistance initiatives. 

“We make sure to always give back. People in the margins need our help, and the least that we can do is to give them something that will comfort them, something that will help them wade through the difficulties of life,” he said.

Team Flatra, which currently has 53,800 followers on Instagram, made T-shits and pullovers for children and the elderly who were among its beneficiaries in its donation drives.

“I founded Team Flatra on October 15th, the same day I started with Youtube. The group consists of seven people who are part of my Flatra family. Throughout the years, these people have not only become lifelong friends, but also partners in my mission to help communities struggling to cope with life’s challenges,” Mustafa said. 

Team Flatra has provided assistance packages to families and children, and has given face masks with the Team Flatra logo printed, as part of their efforts to help communities amid the raging pandemic.

Mustafa shares a wide array of content on Youtube

In his Youtube channel, Mustafa publishes a wide variety of content ranging from video gaming, entertainment, comedy, challenges and inspirational features. 

In December, he uploaded a video campaign calling on his followers to volunteer for humanitarian initiatives and help children and individuals in distress. North Macedonia has closed schools at the onset of the global pandemic in March, affecting thousands of learners, especially those living in remote areas and care institutions who are having a difficult time accessing the internet. 

The Center for Change Management in Skopje said the transition from classroom to e-learning was a tall order to fill, because, in addition to relevant technical infrastructure and a certain level of knowledge of digital skills, the implementation of the learning process also requires great support from the family.

Mustafa, in the video, appealed to people including his followers and fellow social media influencers to help learners and members of vulnerable sectors. He cited the importance of giving back and donating to charity. 

“We appeal to all of you who have the opportunity to help the poor who are facing difficult conditions. Help them, they need you,” he said.

From inspirational video campaigns, Mustafa has also uploaded contents about his travels, the most recent was his adventure in Turkey. In a four-part vlog, he showcased the culture and beauty of the transcontinental country to his followers.

In November 2019, Mustafa helped create an upbeat song titled “Pare.” He collaborated with Mensur Kadriu, and Team Flatra for the production of the song. The video gained 500,000 views as of posting and earned positive feedback.

“In making these videos, I feel really happy and motivated. I’m not an artist. I’m just a talented boy who use Youtube instead of using violence,” said Mustafa, who serves as Team Flatra’s chief executive officer (CEO). 

Mustafa currently has 81,500 followers on YouTube. As of posting, Mustafa has amassed a total of 36,530,925 clicks on his channel. The social media influencer looks forward to sharing more content and inspiring stories to his followers. 

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