How to match the color of the cushions to the sofa: guide to the ideal choice

February 10 13:45 2021
The color of the cushions is closely linked to the sofa on which they are placed; for this reason it is essential to match it perfectly. Here’s how to proceed without making mistakes.

One of the first steps to a properly furnished living room is to carefully match the colors on the sofa, the main element of the room. In fact, in addition to the arrangement and size of the cushions that we rest on for comfort and decoration, their tone is fundamental.

A homeowner can choose them in the same tone as the sofa for a monochromatic effect or play with the contrast (perhaps with a nice black and white) because there is no real rule: the important thing is to remain faithful to the style of the house.

Let’s find out together what is the best way to match the color of the cuscino divano, and their style in general, to the sofa.

Choose the cushions based on the color

Color is perhaps the first aspect to consider when it comes to celebrating the marriage between a sofa and her cushions. In reality, there are no strict rules regarding the color of the cushions or, more generally, the combination of shades. Almost anything is allowed, if it is consistent with the style a person wants to give to the living room and above all with the idea they initially had in mind. What is important to know is that a particular combination will greatly affect the appearance of the place and the style.

Here are some ideas to copy or take inspiration from.

If the environment has light tones and the sofa is white, the cuscino divano arredo become crucial to give a particular decorative accent: a white sofa with white cushions creates an almost blinding total-white effect. If, on the other hand, a person decides to choose black cushions, the result is an elegant and evergreen black & white. The floral cushions, on the other hand, are reminiscent of a Provencal setting, while the fluo colors such as yellow, blue or fuchsia give a more pop-kitsh atmosphere.

If the sofa were instead red, the cuscino arredo can take on other shades: pink for a cozy home; white, for a high-contrast effect, red itself for a tone-on-tone result, or ocher, 1970s prints, geometries in shades of white, cream and beige to soften the intensity of the red.

A cream, beige or mustard sofa can be easily and harmoniously complemented by cushions in delicate and complementary colors. On the other hand, a sofa that is extremely structured, baroque, damask, with a particular workmanship or with canapè workmanship, instead prefers simple, small, soft cushions, so as not to further “weigh down” the architecture of the house.

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