Black Mom Soothes Minority Kids With New Book, “Black Like Me”

March 31 13:52 2021
Black Mom Soothes Minority Kids With New Book, "Black Like Me"

Chantal Dallas, TX – Chantal D. Pree, an MBA holder and mother of one is looking to give kids, especially black children a gentle lesson on self-love and why their skin color is beautiful with her new book titled “Black Like Me.” The book, which by implication of the title is for black children, is a story about self-love. It centers around a young girl who does not like the color black and everything that is linked with black. Black is commonly associated with such negative imagery. She meets up with a young boy that lives near her and she explains all the things that are black that she does not like. The young boy is just the opposite. He loves the color black. Throughout the story, he tries to convince her that she should love black too, thus love herself because she is what society calls black and she is beautiful.

Chantal D. Pree discovered her love for books at an early age by seeing her mother read an extensive number of novels throughout the years. Currently residing in Dallas, Texas with her husband and child, Chantal is a graduate of Southern Arkansas University, with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. This is a result of her strong belief in the importance and power of education. As one who discovers herself every day, Chantal discovered her passion for children’s books when she was pregnant. According to her, “I never thought of myself as an author, but I wanted my daughter to grow up knowing that she is beautiful and worthy regardless of what the world may tell her. This led me to create my first book entitled, “Black Like Me.”

Chantal has a strong love for creating and promoting literary content that educates, encourages, and elevates black and brown children worldwide. She says, “Books can teach a child so much. If a child reads daily, it can help develop vocabulary, fine motor skills, and the understanding of other cultures. My goal is to create books that individuals will remember and pass on to their children for years to come.”

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