BS-EX Blue Shield Crypto Exchange: Fire on 2021 Bitcoin Epic Super Bull Market

April 12 20:03 2021

Blue Shield Exchange (abbreviated as BS-EX Exchange), headquartered in Singapore, was initiated by the Blue Shield Global Blockchain Development Foundation. It is a centralized crypto trading platform for the world, committed to creating global value based on blockchain The circulating digital asset trading ecosystem, which has emerged on the top of the wave with a community-based, high-efficiency, and secure digital asset trading platform, will perfectly integrate the advantages of existing exchanges, with strong liquidity, high security, credibility and transparency , taking into account fair and transparent and efficient development of global users with mainstream digital assets currency trading, sustainable contracts, leveraged trading, options trading and other derivatives trading services.

The core members of the BS-EX Blue Shield Exchange are all financial industry experts from different countries and fields such as the United States, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. They have advanced international development concepts, and are all involved in cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, big data, and cloud computing. With rich R&D and operation experience, he is committed to exploring high-quality and innovative digital asset investment opportunities and creating an innovative community autonomous service platform. The team has more than ten years of professional financial and investment service management experience, and the technical team has been engaged in the development of traditional financial software for more than ten years. The core international station technical personnel have been immersed in the blockchain field for several years, and are committed to providing users with professional bank grade safety factor.

The platform currently supports multiple languages and serves more than 100 countries and regions. At present, there are nearly 200,000 registered users, 300+ communities, and over 500,000 global users. The platform has a daily peak value of 10,000+ and average daily trading users of 1,000 to 3,000. The daily trading volume exceeded 8 million USDT.

BS-EX Blue Shield always adheres to the concept of “safety compliance, efficient service” to provide users with the fastest, most efficient, and most professional services.

Let me introduce you to the general operation of the BS-EX Blue Shield Exchange.

BS-EX Blue Shield Exchange is registered in Singapore. The team has basically been engaged in the financial industry for more than ten years and entered the blockchain for about four years. The BS-EX Blue Shield platform supports Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, some countries in the Middle East, and European countries. It also supports Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. In addition to the normal exchange business, BS-EX Blue Shield Exchange also includes a lot of content such as currency trading, wealth management, futures, intelligent asset management, and derivatives. And the exchange has its own fund management platform.

Then the number of exchanges in the digital currency market has exceeded 11,000, and each exchange has its own characteristics. What is the positioning of BS-EX Blue Shield Exchange among many exchanges? Exchanges are very old in the entire blockchain ecosystem. From the beginning of the exchange only trading bitcoins, to the later platform coins and exchange level mining, everyone has experienced too much. So where are the highlights of the BS-EX Blue Shield Exchange?

Features and advantages of BS-EX Blue Shield Exchange

1. Decentralization: Players or investors trade directly without the intervention of a third party, making transactions more convenient, fast, and transparent. Optimize resource allocation.
2. Good user experience: The exchange is directly facing customers, so it will put user needs in place when designing, and pay more attention to user experience. In addition, it also provides customers with more value-added services to ensure user stickiness.
3. User security: user data encryption, multi-level authentication and multi-level risk identification control to ensure transaction security; wallets are isolated from hot and cold, offline cold storage, and layered loops to ensure fund security.
4. Open platform, symmetry of information: The core of many traditional industries to make money is to use the asymmetry of information, and on the digital asset trading platform, the two parties conduct direct transactions, which is more timely, fair, and transparent.
5. Low transaction costs: Low transaction costs and fast speed greatly optimize the environment for small-cap investment.
6. The role of big data is outstanding: making full use of the advantages of Internet technology and the accumulation and mining of data and information, the Internet financial management system has reached a relatively high level of customer scale, and the cost of customer selection is low.
7. Convenient transactions: In addition to the PC system, it also supports multi-terminal applications such as Android and IOS, supports multiple countries and languages, real-time data observation, anytime, anywhere.
8. System security: offline cold storage, cloud encryption, dual identity authentication, professional high-speed matching engine, and security testing by the 360 team and exchange security service providers, the system is stable and secure.

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