Billionaire’s Legacy Business Aims Turn Around the Financial Fortune of US Hospitals

April 13 15:00 2021

Billionaire businessman Bill Bartmann’s Legacy Company is helping to transform under-performing hospitals and healthcare organizations.

The entrepreneur, who died in 2016, founded WRB Capital – an asset management company that is turning around the financial fortune of healthcare establishments like hospitals, health clinics and dental practices.

A spokesman for the company, based in Tulsa Oklahoma, said: “So many healthcare organizations are not being run as proper businesses and as a result they are haemorrhaging money.

“137 million Americans have medical debts, so you can imagine the impact this will have on the organizations that are trying to run healthcare services.

“We have created an innovative and revolutionary way for hospitals and clinics to manage uncompensated care. We will help them maximize returns, improve cashflow and extend the revenue cycle.

“In today’s world, particularly with the strain that the COVID-19 pandemic has put on healthcare systems around the world, managing financial risk is absolutely essential.

“These sorts of organizations focus on the amazing work they do for their patients, but they will not survive unless they change the way they work and start performing as businesses,” he added.

Hospitals and clinics are facing some big challenges, including high costs to collect outstanding debt from its members, high premium/high deductible coverage plans and the rise in uncompensated care.

“All of these issues can put a huge strain on healthcare businesses and we would like to help change that. We are looking for healthcare businesses who are struggling with aging and non-performing accounts,” he added.

Bill Bartmann was hounded by debt collectors himself and he tried to find a different way to recoup debt from people. He made his billions by revolutionizing debt collection in America. He helped people to restructure their debt so they could afford to pay it back. He became the largest buyer and servicer of credit card debt in the US.

The business model for WRB Capital, which was founded just two years before the billionaire died of complications following heart surgery, is loosely based on Bartmann’s original business model – helping these healthcare organizations to recoup debt from its customers.

“We have pioneered a way that will change how hospitals and clinics manage uncompensated care,” he added.

About WRB Capital

WRB Capital was founded by billionaire businessman Bill Bartmann in 2014. It was designed to change the way hospitals and health clinics in America conduct their business to turnaround their financial fortune.

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