Personal Development Coach Sid Chawla Debuts New Book

April 15 00:48 2021
‘Speak Your Inner Genius’ has launched on Amazon with excellent reviews.

Acclaimed personal development coach Sid Chawla has announced the debut of his new book, ‘Spark Your Inner Genius: Expand Your Creativity & Become the Smartest Person in the Room’.

Over the course of his career, Chawla has helped hundreds of people reach their personal and professional goals. Although he has worked with a list of high profile clients, Chawla knows what it feels like to begin at the bottom and work your way up. Today, he is committed to uplifting and empowering people through results coaching, targeted coaching, and curated courses.

In his new book, Chawla wanted to encourage readers to embrace their innate creativity to find what works for them. “One of the most important findings of the past half century is that creativity is a skill,” said Chawla. “Like any skill, creativity is ours to possess, practice, and master. Everywhere I looked, there was no single resource that taught how to embrace creativity and ignite that inner genius. That’s why I wrote the book: to provide direct, actionable advice on how to optimize your mind through creativity and thereby enhance your everyday life.”

‘Spark Your Inner Genius’ is a 158 page book that shares Chawla’s personal experiences and tools for success. From cover to cover, readers learn how they can improve brain function and improve memory. Readers discover character traits possessed by all geniuses and great thinkers, how to build their “genius muscle”, how to perform a GENIUS brainstorming session to improve innovation, how to learn faster, and much more.

‘Spark Your Inner Genius’ has already received a number of positive testimonials from editorial reviews and customers who have bought the book. “I have been struggling to set myself up for success and follow through with some the major goals I have set. This book completely changed that and gave me so much creative motivation,” said a recent reader.

This book makes an ideal self-help for anyone looking to improve mental focus and drive and imparts skills that can be applied in a long list of situations. ‘Spark Your Inner Genius’ is available as an audiobook, paperback, and Kindle selection on Amazon.

Chawla is excited to see his book already helping people reach their goals. He is currently accepting new coaching clients, as well. More information can be found at

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Sid Chawla is a personal development coach, certified neuroscience and neuro-linguistic programming professional, thought leader, and motivational speaker.

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