Adeola Oyekola Releases A New Book Titled Good Pedigree (Bibi Ire)

April 15 15:16 2021
Talented author and publisher, Adeola Oyekola, announces the launch of Good Pedigree (Bibi Ire), a book about good upbringing and dealing with peer pressure

Adeola Oyekola is again reiterating her commitment to using her amazing writing skills to make the world a better place one reader at a time with the recent publication of her latest project – Good Pedigree. The book chronicles the interesting story of a young lady, Iye, as she tries to handle the challenges that come with being independent after she leaves home to further her education in the university.

Millions of youths in different parts of the world often fall prey to peer pressure, especially after having the first real taste of independence. While some are able to cope with the pressure, staying true to the principles learned while growing up, others are not so fortunate and sometimes go astray beyond rescue. Iye’s case was not particularly different, as the young village girl had to experience firsthand how difficult it is to cope with the city life after she got accepted in a university in Lagos.

Iye comes from a respectable family and had everything going well, including a boyfriend who was ready to marry her. However, things suddenly changed after she was caught in public with her boyfriend, a situation that led to a series of events, including seeking a better life away from the village. Iye pursued her dreams of independence, education, and a career, which took her to the city of Lagos, where family revelations and personal disaster threatened the fulfillment of her goal.

Good Pedigree (Bibi Ire) is filled with messages for all, irrespective of age group, gender, or status. The book will be available on all major platforms, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Books-a-million, Goodreads, and a host of others.

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