How Teacher and Content Creator Leigh McClendon Found His Voice on TikTok

April 15 23:45 2021
How Teacher and Content Creator Leigh McClendon Found His Voice on TikTok

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms there is today. Amid the pandemic, content creators played a huge role in entertaining people across the globe. The digital space also served as a window for people to know and relate to others. But becoming a content creator is not an easy feat and TikTok sensation Leigh McClendon, better known as Leigh McNasty, knows this well. After mastering the art of storytelling and creating short skits, he now has over 980,000 followers on the platform. But Leigh guarantees his fans that his journey has only begun.

Not only is Leigh McClendon a content creator on TikTok, but he is also an elementary teacher from Shreveport, Louisiana. From his experiences in his career, Leigh highlights his life as a teacher, living on a farm, and hunting. Leigh is also known for his engaging and viral-worthy comedy skits. Overall, his videos have acquired over 25 million likes and shares across different social media platforms.

With the goal of connecting people from all walks of life, Leigh McClendon strives to produce content that is relatable to many by tackling topics that communicate well to his viewers. Leigh carefully plans out what he puts on his account, ensuring that every story is well written. His unique videos focused on personal experiences that the audience themselves might have gone through at some point in their lives sets him apart from other content creators on the platform. Needless to say, Leigh is indeed one to watch as he combs narratives together to allow his viewers to see a reflection through himself.

Among other things, Leigh McClendon worked hard to find his niche. He stresses how important it is for influencers and content creators to establish their niche because of the industry’s heavy competition. To maintain audience interaction, Leigh merges past experiences with current happenings, combining the effect of nostalgia and the present times. The content creator is very strategic in tailoring his stories, ensuring that his viewers, primarily teenagers, understand the message behind his comedic videos. 

Another thing that sets him apart is his consistency. To excel and leave a mark in online audiences, one needs to remain consistent in terms of posting frequency as well as the overall tone of the videos. Leigh McClendon has been consistent in weaving his content even in his other platforms outside of TikTok, leaving his fans eager for more funny and creative content.

Furthermore, Leigh McClendon has mastered engaging his audience over the time spent on TikTok. He knows what content hits the tickle spot of his viewers. Because of his genuine, honest, and relatable content, the content creator has carved a permanent mark on the hearts of his followers. Despite the massive success Leigh has acquired over the past year, he still strives to grow his community every day. Asked why he is driven to do so, the content creator shared that he wants his community to be authentic in bridging people from all walks of life and build each other up.

In five years, Leigh McClendon envisions growing his platform and push himself to greater heights. He assures his fans that he will be making videos regularly and continue to inspire, entertain, and brighten their days with his unique content. Without a doubt, with a clear vision and hard work that fuels his dream, Leigh is a force to reckon with. 

To learn more about Leigh McClendon, connect with him on TikTok.

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