Flooring Liquidators Recommends 3 Slip Resistant Floorings

April 16 01:30 2021
Flooring Liquidators Recommends 3 Slip Resistant Floorings

It might not be a big issue for young people to fall on the floor, but it will lead to serious damage to senior people. Therefore, when people plan to install floorings on areas where there is constant foot traffic, they might want to consider slip resistant floorings. It can be the living room in a home, or commercial offices. To help people have a better understanding of the options, Flooring Liquidators wants to introduce 3 major slip resistant floorings


The carpet absorbs moisture and liquid fastly so that people seldom need to worry about the slippery effects. It can be quite cost-effective so that it is a popular choice among business owners and homeowners. However, some people dislike carpet because it also absorbs dust and dirts easier than wood floorings. Moreover, if someone has a pet at home, he will find it difficult to clean the space covered by carpet. 

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Hardwood flooring

Solid hardwood or engineered hardwood flooring is a good choice for many homes as they manifest natural wood pattern, grain and colors, adding luxurious touch to any space. The good thing is that hardwood is not slippery by nature, but people need to take care of the liquid on time to reduce possible risks. On the other hand, hardwood flooring is relatively expensive compared with other choices. As a result, business owners might not choose to use it. After all, a business has more foot traffic than a residential property. 

Vinyl flooring

Many people like vinyl flooring because it is affordable, versatile and not slippery at all. It has the rubber finish to provide more support. Meanwhile, it can imitate the wood patterns to present a natural touch compared to carpet. Moreover, people don’t have to spend much time cleaning and maintaining it. Therefore, vinyl flooring is the best choice for offices or other commercial property. However, many homeowners might rethink it because vinyl flooring has a lower resale value if they plan to sell the residential property. However, vinyl flooring still earns a good reputation due to its practical price and flexibility among homeowners. 

Choosing the right flooring might take time, and the best thing to do is to talk to a local flooring specialist in hamilton to find the most appropriate flooring based on property type and budget. At Flooring Liquidators, they have 13 showrooms across southern Ontario, and customers can easily find a nearby store to see the real products and discuss details with flooring experts.

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