Homes, Not Houses: Real Estate Professional Yusuf Yolasan on Delivering the Complete Package

April 16 22:07 2021
Homes, Not Houses: Real Estate Professional Yusuf Yolasan on Delivering the Complete Package

Real estate is a critical aspect of most people’s investment portfolio or financial security. Additionally, it contributes to 25% of the overall economy. Its immeasurable growth potential attracts individuals worldwide looking to wet their feet towards financial freedom. How can buyers and sellers best position themselves in a competitive market, especially somewhere like sunny South Florida? The answer is obvious! Work with a top-rated real estate professional serving your area of interest. Already regarded as the best-trusted source in real estate, Yusuf Yolasan is the latest name on everyone’s lips in South Florida and he is giving tips about why it’s important to work with the right person.

Already known as the agent who only turns over keys to homes instead of houses, Yusuf Yolasan is passionate about taking his services to the next level. As part of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices EWM Realty, Yusuf incorporates his prior commercial real estate experiences and celebrated analytical skills into his role as a trusted residential real estate professional. Since establishing his presence in the Miami market, Yusuf has attracted an extensive clientele and overwhelming praise for his work. His keen eye for detail, comprehensive market analysis and reputation for efficiency have marked this personable professional as the top real estate agent on the rise. He explains below:

An extraordinary migration to Florida is occurring after the COVID pandemic by people of all walks of life for multiple reasons including lifestyle, and taxes.

For most people buying or selling a home is one of their biggest financial decisions and or investments. Working with the right person for such an important life decision is critical. Real estate professionals have educated themselves to best serve their clients with such an important task. Their expertise is meant to serve your needs. 

It is also very important to have knowledge of the local market which you are exploring. An agent’s knowledge goes beyond the real estate market, and expands to knowing the neighborhoods they serve including the best eateries, recreation and more. Your agent may be an area expert on more than just real estate.

Additionally, your agent is connected to a network of professionals that may help you in your real estate transaction. This includes a list of lenders, inspectors, contractors and other professionals whose help you may need during your real estate transaction.

Most importantly, setting the right price and negotiating is where having a great real estate agent can make a huge difference. When selling a home, agents can help you set the right price from the start. If buying a home, they can assure it’s fairly priced. They have the tools at their disposal to complete a market analysis with comparable properties. Finally, when it comes to negotiating, why not do it with someone who does it all the time?!

A special thing to note. In a sellers’ market, homeowners are often tempted to try to sell their house on their own known as For Sale By Owner, (or FSBO). When the inventory of homes for sale is as low as it is today, buyers are eager to grab just about anything that pops into the market. As a result, some sellers think selling their house will be easy and see today’s market as an opportunity to FSBO. What most sellers don’t realize is that FSBO may cost you more money in the end.

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), FSBO’s in 2020 sold at a median of $217,900 compared to $242,300 for agent-assisted homes. Furthermore, sellers who began as a FSBO, then ended up working with an agent, received 98% of the asking price, but had to reduce their price the most before arriving at a final listing price.

That’s a lot of money to risk losing when you FSBO – far more than what you would have saved on commission or other fees. Real estate professionals are trained negotiators with a ton of experience and market insight that average homeowners may never have. Despite the advantages for sellers in today’s hot market, it’s still crucial to have an expert supporting you through the entire process.

Lastly, a great deal of paperwork comes with buying or selling a home. And a great deal of time comes with showing or viewing homes to sell or buy. Let a real estate professional minimize the time spent on paperwork and on viewings. After all, time is money!

Connect and learn more about Yusuf Yolasan and his brilliant work in shaping Miami’s real estate landscape. Yusuf is available on Instagram, LinkedIn, and his official website.

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