‘Sky Kingdom’ By Bradley Alexander is a Riveting Tale of Quest for Self Identity in Worlds Far Away

April 16 18:46 2021
‘Sky Kingdom’ By Bradley Alexander is a Riveting Tale of Quest for Self Identity in Worlds Far Away

Even an encounter with a dragon can be self-enlightening! ‘Sky Kingdom’ by Bradley Alexander covers the story of a person who unknowingly sets out on a personal quest searching for his self-identity after a bizarre event in his life. The subsequent plot and the finale make this fantasy work come to life, leaving behind reflections and important stuff to ponder over.

Discovering one’s identity is one of the significant concerns that everyone has to face at some point in life. A genuine identity imparts a sense of being and a unique personality that is different from the rest. This universal theme runs across ‘Sky Kingdom,’ making it engaging to most readers.

Like any other story about family sagas, ‘Sky Kingdom’ begins in a similar fashion where Baron, the protagonist of the story, is born in the Sky Kingdom. After his father’s tragic death, and keeping in mind Baron’s safety, her mother has to go into exile to another world. Baron grows without knowing his real name and thus remains unacquainted with who he is, residing in a completely different world far away from his kingdom.

After his mother’s death, Baron is left with no resource to get to know himself until one day when a mysterious event occurs in his life. He sees a large object fall from the sky and crash in front of his house while coming back home. Unable to hold his curiosity, he runs towards it, and to his surprise, it turns out to be a dragon! This event of meeting the dragon completely changes his life, making him acquainted with his real identity and his place of origin.

With constant suspense throughout the plot, a quest for self-identity, and many unusual events, ‘Sky Kingdom’ by Bradley Alexander makes for riveting reading. The book is available on Amazon in Paperback, Hardcover, and Kindle Editions.

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