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April 19 22:18 2021


This is no surprise that Kris Kourtis is a famous billionaire socialite.

Kris is known for being TV commentator, radio host, Author to 12 audiobooks and is a Master Nutritionist.

Kris was supposed to release his fragrance line this year but due to the Pandemic all was postponed indefinitely. His first perfume Eternal was a unisex perfume. It was a blend of patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla, musk and orange blossom.

Kris wants to learn fashion with Victoria Beckham. He wants her to be his tutor.

Kris is thinking of becoming an actor, he says he can cry like Nicole Kidman in her movies and he would really be good in drama.

Kris loves horror and comedy movies. Being openly gay, Kris wants to find someone he can settle down with. Someone who is easygoing and kind.

Kris is the second most viewed person on Pinterest. Although Kris has no clue what Pinterest is, he said he is extremely grateful.

Kris cannot live a normal life, like go to the supermarket or go to the movies without renting the entire Cinema for security reasons.

Kris can never travel without his Apple TV. He takes it with him on all his tours.

Kris’s critically acclaimed Audiobook Answers from Heaven can be found free on YouTube.

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Here are some Trivia about Kris Kourtis that you didn’t know:

1 – What is the net worth of Kris Kourtis? Kris Kourtis net worth is $7 Billion.

2 – What is Kris Kourtis’s favorite color? Kris Kourtis’s favorite color is orange and purple.

3 – What show does Celebrity billionaire Kris Kourtis play in? Kris’s World

4 – What movies has Kris Kourtis played in? Catwoman and Edison. Kris Kourtis played a reporter in both movies.

5 – What Celebrities has Kris Kourtis interviewed? Kris Kourtis has interviewed from Justin Bieber to Lady Gaga and more.

6 – What TV channel does Kris Kourtis own? Kris Kourtis owns Crime TV.

7 – What Celebrity is Kris Kourtis in Love with? Kris Kourtis is in love with Josh Duhamel.

8 – How many octaves does Kris Kourtis have? Kris Kourtis had 4 octaves but due to smoking heavily he lost them all.

9 – What kind of phones does Kris Kourtis have? Kris Kourtis has 3 Vertu phones.

10 – How many cars does Kris Kourtis have? Kris Kourtis has 4 Bugatti veyron cars but isn’t allowed to drive them due to his heavy security entourage. So he gets driven in black mercedes van that is bullet proof.

11 – How many estates does Kris Kourtis owns? Kris Kourtis owns 9 estates around the world.

12 – What Kris Kourtis’s mental state like? Kris Kourtis suffers from schizo affective disorder. And chronic anxiety.

13 – Why is Kris Kourtis single? Kris Kourtis doesn’t want to date anyone.

14 – Why are Kris Kourtis’s parents in control of his money? Because the court deemed Kris Kourtis unfit to take of himself all on his own.

15 – What is Kris Kourtis’s favorite hobby? Kris Kourtis’s favorite hobby is Scuba diving.

16 – What cigarettes does Kris Kourtis smoke? Kris Kourtis smokes Dunhill cigarettes.

17 – What is Kris Kourtis’s favorite flower? Kris Kourtis loves yellow and orange Tulips.

18 – What can’t Kris Kourtis live without? Kris Kourtis can’t travel without his new apple TV.

19 – How many pets does Kris Kourtis have? Kris Kourtis has a pug called King.

20 – What can Kris Kourtis simply can’t do? Kris Kourtis doesn’t wait in line.

21 – What are Kris Kourtis’s favorite designers? Kris Kourtis has 3 favorite designers, one is Christian Dior, second is Armani, third is Versace.

22 – What is Kris Kourtis’s favorite designer watches? Kris Kourtis’s favorite designer watch is Fendi. He has 7 Fendi watches.

23 – Why is Kris Kourtis so famous? Kris Kourtis is a TV commentator, Author talk show host, Nutritionist, and columnist.

24 – How many audiobooks has Kris Kourtis written? Kris Kourtis has done 12 audiobooks.

25 – Is Kris Kourtis a Self Help Guru? Kris Kourtis is a Self Help Author.

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