BLUSAIGON Announces Bespoke Lifelong Pearl Pen Collection for Indiegogo

April 19 23:39 2021
BLUSAIGON Announces Bespoke Lifelong Pearl Pen Collection for Indiegogo
The United States company aims to redefine what it means to put pen to paper.

Portland Oregon, USA – BLUSAIGON, a luxury accessories company that specializes in crafting one-of-a-kind items from pearls, seashells, and other natural biodegradable materials, has just unveiled its biggest project to date. Just launched on Indiegogo on April 13th, its crowdfunding campaign will give backers first access to its Mother of Pearl Pen series, which uses thousand-year-old Vietnamese pearl mosaic techniques and modern engineering to create pens that are meant to last more than a lifetime.

The series includes four inspired collections: Zeus, Hermes, Liah, and Gemperor, with eight colour options that range from classic black to iridescent abalone. Backers can also choose one of five patterns, and further personalize their pen with a logo or alphanumeric engraving. Manufacturing will begin once the campaign hits its $5,000 goal, and deliveries are projected to be complete within two months.

“Across cultures, the pen is one of the most important tools,” CEO Quyen Ton said. “They allow us to share ideas, create new worlds, and change the course of our destiny. As long as it has a fresh supply of ink, you can pick up a pen that was made hundreds of years ago and start writing. We treat them like they’re disposable, yet they’ve been one of humanity’s most enduring inventions.”

BLUSAIGON’s Mother of Pearl Pens are meant to do more than create a culture of buying pens for life. The company aims to make its elegant creations high-level gifts, fashion statements, and enduring family heirlooms. They’ve also set their sights on reducing the volume of the billions of plastic pens discarded each year, and bolstering these efforts with charitable donations.

In addition to the ballpoint, rollerball, and fountain pens that will be offered as rewards, premium Italian leather pen cases, customized silver cufflinks, and matching pearl mosaic belts are available as extras. The Liah Abalone Mother of Pearl pen, made from a special material that had a limited harvest quantity due to government sustainability restrictions, is expected to be one of the most popular selections and the first to go.

“BLUSAIGON has been making pearl mosaic products for twenty-five years,” Quyen added. “Our quality and creativity in crafting and design remain unmatched. You won’t find a similar pen anywhere else.”

The campaign page will highlight the pen’s cultural significance, unique engineering, and the story behind its creation.

Persons can visit and choose their one-of-a-kind pen companions today.

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