Meicam Technology introduces intelligent video production platform at the audio and video technology conference LiveVideoStackCon

April 20 22:21 2021

From April 16 to 17, 2021, as the largest annual audio and video technology conference in China, LiveVideoStackCon was grandly held in Shanghai. With the theme of “New Technology, New Opportunity”, this conference brought together a number of top technical experts in the field of audio and video technology and attracted nearly 1,000 audio and video developers from all over the country. The topics covered education, entertainment, social networking, and gaming. E-commerce and other industries. As a well-known domestic audio and video technology manufacturer, Meicam Technology was invited to the conference, sharing the technology and practice behind the birth of Meicam’s intelligent video production platform for various guests.

Multimedia technology is ever-changing in recent years, and it is foreseeable that network-borne content will change to higher quality and more new forms of display. As a service provider of smart video and audio solutions, Meicam is committed to providing the most cutting-edge overall video and audio solutions for leading business companies in different fields such as the Internet, smartphones, smart hardware, education, radio and television, and new media. At the same time, Meicam provides efficient and stable underlying technical support to developers and industry partners in order to help partners achieve business innovation and create more user value.

Li Lei, director of the R&D center and senior engineer of Meicam Technology, was invited to the conference and gave a keynote speech entitled “Meicam Intelligent Production Platform” at the special venue of “New Ways of Content Production”, to share how Meicam uses the capabilities of new technologies to optimize existing content production models and methods and lower the threshold of content production.

Li Lei mentioned that according to years of technology accumulation, Meicam Technology has established an intelligent video production platform and a material creation platform, and two platforms are based on Meicam original SDK. Meicam intelligent video production platform solves the problem of rapid, convenient, and intelligent content production of video, while the material creation platform solves the problem of custom stylization of materials such as special effects packages and subtitle packages. The intelligent video production platform combines traditional video and audio solutions with AI artificial intelligence to form four major sections: smart shooting, smart editing, smart packaging, and smart templates with smart tags as the key point. Then, it deployed at different levels of IaaS, PaaS, and Saas, and finally fully served professional video, short video, new media video, and other fields on the PC, Web, and mobile terminals, which provides a strong impetus for the development of the industry. Meanwhile, based on AI technologies such as convolutional neural network and LSTM, Meicam has developed a variety of network models to analyze and understand video from multiple dimensions of vision, speech, and semantics, and achieve rapid retrieval of video libraries, one-click intelligence, and advanced functions such as generating video.

Meicam Technology has been focusing on the development of the audio and video field for more than 20 years and has mastered more than 70 patented technologies. Meicam has always kept pace with the international level in technology and continuously applied the latest video technology to related fields. The current product matrix includes mobile video HD shooting and deep editing SDK, AR face props, automatic color correction, AI smart editing, H5 applet, cloud editing, virtual anchors, and other solutions, as well as intelligent video production service platforms, material creation platform and other production service platforms. Its full-process function from shooting to editing covers all popular video effects, including TikTok-like effects, and supports all terminals of Mobile, Web, PC, and servers. Meicam has collaborated with hundreds of customers at home and abroad, such as Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, ASUS, OnePlus, Lenovo, Bilibili, JD, Sina, and other leading customers in various fields, and with the traditional national grid, SMG, etc. in order to promote the use of integrated media in government and enterprises. In addition, Meicam Technology has also deployed in foreign markets, filling the gap of smart audiovisual solutions in overseas markets in the international arena. At present, it has provided in-depth technical services in the United States, South Korea, India, Singapore, and other countries and local Internet companies, radiating tens of millions of overseas users.

In the future, Meicam Technology will use the technical advantages of traditional video and audio processing to provide partners and developers with more innovative video effects and imagination, and continue to achieve product innovation, and provide users with a better experience.

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