IJS Technologies: Revolutionizing On-Chain Liquidity through OpenSwap

April 23 10:56 2021
IJS Technologies: Revolutionizing On-Chain Liquidity through OpenSwap

IJS Technologies Revolutionizing On-Chain Liquidity Through OpenSwap
“On-chain liquidity is to DeFi what oil was to the Industrial Revolution.” – Diane Dai, 15 Aug 2020.

We cannot agree more, but is it enough?

In short, no.

Many people in the DeFi community, whilst enjoying and reaping the many benefits from the likes of Uniswap, yearn, and DODO, have always had this one issue in the back of their minds – inter-blockchain assets are incompatible.

The rapid and continuous growth of DEXes from the many different projects, are inevitably involving multiple blockchains. Assets scattered across all these different chains, can be ineffective, but also, as more projects are created on different chains, and launchpads get busier, the wider the existing gaps.

IJS Technologies identified this and brought this into discussion with OAX Foundation last year, to which they gave a grant for the IJS Technologies team to deliver something that will bridge this gap. The IJS Technologies team and the OpenSwap Guardian Community had been working very hard on this for the past few months, and today we saw a confident and satisfying launch of their Preview Introduction of the OpenSwap DEX platform.

While still early to claim a win, the feedback IJS Technologies got from the new OpenSwap community and the positive responses from the OAX AMA session yesterday gave the team a confidence boost to work even harder, and be even more innovative in assisting the OpenSwap Guardian Community to introduce more advanced technology to the OpenSwap platform. It was a pleasure to have participated in the AMA where the team were able to meet the OAX community and answer some challenging questions, as well as introducing the OpenSwap project which incidentally catapulted the preview launch today.

Through OpenSwap, IJS Technologies will continue to contribute to the DeFi space, and provide more technological contributions to the OpenSwap Guardian Community. The Preview Launch today showcased OpenSwap as a one-stop place to compare, and carry out swap trading on leading DEXes on the BSC blockchain. Rest assured that IJS Technologies will not allow the development of OpenSwap DEX to stop here!

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