Doppe and Kokke Release Audio + Visuals of New Single Titled “What Are You Waiting For?” Featuring Chloe Kay

August 02 17:56 2021
There are new content introduced into the music industry every day, and it is almost impossible to make any sense out of it, but Doppe and Kokke have gone beyond the normal to reinvent their music style, so they are not putting something new but unique

Today, DJs Doppe and Kokke, popularly referred to as D&K, have announced the release of a new single featuring London-based singer and songwriter Chloe Kay. The release of the single, titled “What Are You Waiting For?” is followed by a vibrant, storytelling video that is now available on YouTube and can be streamed via

While it is commonplace to find Disc Jockeys feature singers in music releases, Doppe and Kokke aim to bring a different vibe to the industry with their new song. “What Are You Waiting For” is a track that mixes the duo’s old style of music with modern beats and the awe-inspiring vocals of Chloe Kay. In addition, the track is a mixture of RnB beats, tropical house tunes, and Chloe’s vocal stands out, light airy and effortless.

D&K is one duo that epitomizes the essence of the modern era. The multi-talented EDM duo born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden but based in Switzerland, has continued to make music that is thoughtful, conscious, and driven by a desire to motivate, inspire, comfort, and spread love and joy to all those that hear it. They have had a vast array of musical influences; however, they accredit the pivotal influences and inspiration in their music to Electronic music, Tropical House tunes, and music that makes people feel good. All of these culminates into D&K’s expertise in producing musical experiences that are enjoyable, easy-going, and fun but still provoke thoughts.

The sound produced by D&K not only exhibits their versatility and prowess but paves the way for a varied expression of their musical ideas and artistic craft. According to the duo, “This is the music that will push the boundaries of our perception as well as inspire and drive us to introspective conversations. It’s the music that may not change the world but can change the people in the world.”

To stream D&K’s “What Are You Waiting For?” Featuring Chloe Kay, please visit Then, watch the video on YouTube at

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