BucksApp Launches App to Manage Daily Personal Finances

September 16 12:18 2021
With BucksApp, users can keep control of their spending and relieve financial stress.

MIAMI – September 16, 2021 – BucksApp, the personal financial partner, has recently launched a new app to help Americans manage their day-do-day spending. This app is an effective solution for anyone looking to improve their financial wellbeing. Since BucksApp is integrated with all financial institutions, users can start improving their financial habits seamlessly.

With so much going on and so many responsibilities to juggle every day, it is hard for most people to plan ahead and manage their daily spending. The team at BucksApp believes that knowing where you stand financially should be as easy as looking at your phone.

“Our team delivered a competitive product in the market, and the early traction metrics are showing progress with limited marketing efforts,” says BucksApp founder and CEO, Sebastian Romero. “The focus right now is continuing to improve the product with new features.”

BucksApp has developed the right tools to allow users to track spending and use budgets, while retaining complete visibility and control of their day-to-day personal finances. The app keeps users updated with personalized alerts. It’s also designed to show them exactly where their money goes through daily expense tracking in addition to weekly and monthly AI-driven reports.

BucksApp users have access to a monthly budget that can be customized. With this budget, users know how much they have left to spend and can save by adjusting their budget limits. BucksApp eliminates financial stress by sending alerts on overspending, irregular transactions, or a low balance to prevent high bank overdraft charges.

This new app was launched in July and is already gaining traction. Users on the 30-day free trial have shown a strong interest in the app, as over 50% have set up their budget.

Former President and CEO of Millicom International – Mikael Grahne – has joined the BucksApp team as the leading strategic advisor. “Having Mikael’s support on strategic matters is shortening the learning curve and helping us move faster towards our goals as a company,” says Sebastian.

BucksApp believes that the key to consistent and healthy management of day-to-day personal finances is combining the perfect bundle of tools that users can apply easily. Today’s consumers require simple, useful and reliable solutions. With BucksApp, they can take control of their finances, spend their money smartly and relieve financial stress.

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BucksApp, the day-to-day personal financial partner, has launched an app designed to help Americans manage their daily spending. With this app, Americans can stay organized, make smarter purchases and get personalized weekly insights.

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