Increasing Energy Costs in Canada Have Canadians Flocking to Residential Foam Insulation

October 21 20:56 2021

For many Canadians, preventing drafts, cold spots, and the escape of heat in the winter and cool in the summer can be a major problem.  Nooks, crannies, and even pitting of inside walls and outside walls and ceilings can drive up heating and cooling costs, as well as make any property, business or commercial, an uncomfortable place to live and/or work

One of the lesser-known reasons for using foam insulation is that it also blocks out outside noise, and for commercial usage, this is a great component.  Residential customers can also seek noise-blocking insulation especially for family rooms or rooms that face a busy street.  Foam Insulation of Newmarket, ON does provide the most affordable and perfect application of foam insulation possible and is available to those in Newmarket and areas in the vicinity. 

Since approximately half of the heating and cooling is lost to air pockets, spaces, and gaps in a building, more Canadians than ever before, with the rising costs of energy, are now seeking to do whole-home foam insulation.  From the attic to the basement, the cost savings are seen immediately with residential foam insulation

One of the challenges of other types of insulation is its inability to be flexible and reach all of the tiny gaps and spaces that allow air leakage.  Residential foam insulation when used can handle even cathedral ceilings, and be applied easily to high ceilings and walls that do not follow the traditional layout.  Corners are covered completely, and the technicians at Foam Insulation are exacting and go over all gaps, holes, and spaces thoroughly in the application. 

There are two types of residential spray foam insulation, open cell and closed cell.  Open cell is more flexible and geared towards the many spaces that are harder to reach, including any crawlspaces.  Any pitting or gaps generally require open-cell foam insulation.

On the other hand, exposed surfaces to the cold and heat, such as outside walls, can benefit from closed cell foam insulation as it is slightly more durable and can hold up better against the elements.  FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) recommends closed-cell foam insulation in flood, hurricane, or extreme weather areas in Canada. 

Since each residence is different, and a choice of closed-cell or open-cell or even a combination of both can be used, a good foam spray insulation expert company such as Foam Insulation of Newmarket should be consulted before proceeding with the application of any foam insulation.

Customer satisfaction is important to Foam Insulation and consultations are free and an inspection of a property takes place before application of any type of foam insulation. For best results, a firm such as Foam Insulation should be contacted.

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