Domino Blockchain and Elo Pitch are partnering up to offer a decentralized short video sharing service

October 22 01:06 2021

Domino Blockchain and Elo Pitch are partnering up to offer a decentralized short video sharing service that is targeting the professional social media market. Blockchain allows sharing of videos while maintaining control of data privacy and only releasing necessary information to the right parties that is designated by the owner of the data. Users can have fine-grained control of the data, not the platform. A token will be created to incentivize social interactions on the video sharing platform, such as uploading videos, likes a video, and sharing a video. Employers are incentivized to interact with users socially and use the service to screen, interview and hire the right candidates. And users can use the platform to land the dream job they want by uploading a short video.

To this date, employers are still relying on paper resume in the hiring process, which is inefficient and often miss the right candidates while wasting time on the wrong candidates. EloPitch makes the screening and hiring process fun and exciting by supplementing traditional resumes with an easy to use mobile app. The mobile app allows candidates and employers to create their own profiles and upload 60-second videos to tell their stories.

The idea is to cut down on the back and forth time between a recruiter and a job seeker before a first interview. The job seekers have an opportunity to showcase their personality, communications skills, and creativity upfront, which helps you determine cultural fit much faster. On the other hand, this video serves as a pre-interview and allows the recruiter to gauge if this person will be a good fit for the position based on a variety of characteristics. The introduction of this 60 second pitch will drastically reduce the amount of time recruiters spend cold calling and emailing candidates. With elopitch, recruiters connect with the people and not the resumes! Hence, they can find their best candidates in a matter of minutes and save hundreds of hours in screening resumes and initial interviews. For more information about Elo Pitch, please visit

Elopitch already have their beta version of mobile app on IOS available to be downloaded and used.

Domino Blockchain is building a super scalable blockchain that have unlimited storage capability that is suitable to store short videos in HD format. Domino is a massively scalable blockchain that is decentralized, permission less and censorship-resistant without compromising security. Prototype shows that it can sustain 100,000 transactions per second with a block time of 0.2 seconds. The scalability is achieved without relying on any layer 2 solutions. Domino would be partnering with other projects to leverage the super fast blockchain to build an ecosystem including a global peer-to-peer payment system, DeFi, NFT, DApps, and other business applications. For more information about Domino Blockchain, please visit

Jack Ding: Chief scientist blockchain technology

Ehtasham Ejaz: CEO / Founder Elo inc.

Nabeel Malik: VP / Elo inc. 

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