A Blend of Conversations from Politics to Social issues is the focus of the New Podcast, “Society Unrestricted”

October 23 01:30 2021

Podcasting has grown as a traditional media with 61.2% of people listening to podcasts rather than consuming TV content. “Society Unrestricted“, a new podcast, is utilizing this data and creating a niche to feed the booming demand for audio content.

With a mix of historical and statistical data and focus on various topics from politics, pop culture and social issues, this eclectic podcast hosted by Althea Nicole is fast becoming an on-demand channel for quality information and conversation.

Podcasting has proven to be an accurate way of giving people quality content in a personalized form.  The host Althea Nicole, an online beauty and aromatherapy retailer, gives a unique blend of historical and statistical data on a range of topics from politics to social issues and pop culture. The diversity of content on this podcast caters to the needs of everyone with the personalized touch that comes with podcasting. Here, with a combination of highly engaging and current information and data, listeners can connect and gain educational insights into trending issues and topics.

Society Unrestricted Podcast in episode 1 discussed how the pandemic is being used to terminate Black employees and the rising unemployment rates. This episode’s conversation gave a deep insight with statistics on the issues that Black, Indigenous and people of color professionals encounter in the workspace despite the acclaimed integration of more people of color into professional bodies. 

“The number of Black people in leadership or highly compensated technical roles is lower still. Fewer than 1% of startup founders who receive venture funding are Black. And with few Black investors sitting on their boards, the percentage of Blacktop executives at major tech companies is even lower. However, they are not lacking QUALIFIED black and brown candidates; they are simply unwilling to hire more,” says Althea.

With informative content like this, it is little wonder why “Society Unrestricted Podcast” which streams from Southern California and broadcasts globally is fast becoming a favorite channel for the audio audience. The Society Unrestricted Podcast is available on all podcast platforms.

For more information, please visit: https://societyunrestricted.com 

Apple podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/society-unrestricted/id1585915355

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