Cryptobase Wants To Thank Its Customers This Thanksgiving For Making It The Number One BTC ATM In The United States

November 20 03:18 2021
Cryptobase Wants To Thank Its Customers This Thanksgiving For Making It The Number One BTC ATM In The United States
Cryptobase ATM wants to acknowledge and thank its customers this Thanksgiving for making it the number one Bitcoin ATM brand in the U.S.

Cryptobase ATM, the fastest growing Crypto ATM network in the United States, wants to thank its customers this Thanksgiving for helping it reach a remarkable milestone of becoming the number one BTC ATM. The brand has seen a massive and rapid surge in installing kiosks across the country because of the growing preference for its ATMs. They now have a presence in 130 plus locations across the U.S.

“We are thrilled to become the #1 Bitcoin ATM in the country, and this would not have been possible without the support of our valuable customers,” says the spokesperson for Cryptobase ATM. “This Thanksgiving, we want to thank all our customers who have made this happen with their unwavering and continued support. Our Crypto ATMs are available at many locations as we are trying to make it even more convenient and secure for people to buy and sell Bitcoins than before.”

The crypto market is capturing the interest of more investors across the country, leading to a surge in demand from consumers. This is creating more opportunities for manufacturers of Bitcoin ATMs. Cryptobase ATM is first off the block in its efforts to deliver convenient access to cryptocurrency machines.

Cryptobase ATMs have made Bitcoin transactions simple and secure with their in-person exchanges that allow users to trade cash in exchange for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum. The company’s stunning growth reflects the growing trust that crypto traders have in this brand.

Cryptobase offers one-way and two-way versions of the Cryptobase ATM. The one-way version is used for buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using cash. The two-way version provides both buy and sell options. As a result, traders can sell their BTCs conveniently here without experiencing the various hassles and disadvantages they often have to deal with when trading using an online exchange.

According to the company spokesperson, traders must install a digital wallet on their phones before starting the transaction process. Cryptobase wallet is highly recommended for its security and ease of use. It is also free to download.

They must then choose the cryptocurrency they want to buy and select the option on the ATM screen. 

On prompt, they must scan the QR code on their wallet by placing it under the ATM scanner. The final step is to put the cash in the ATM’s cash acceptor and hit the ‘Finalize’ tab to complete the transaction.

Some mandatory confirmations are part of the process and may take a few minutes, after which customers can get the Bitcoin in their wallet. The Cryptobase ATM allows users to buy partial Bitcoins for as little as one dollar.

Cryptobase ATM has said that the company will continue its rapid installation and expansion program to ensure its presence in newer and broader destinations. The aim is to ease buying and selling cryptocurrency and make it more accessible, simpler, faster, and safer.

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About Cryptobase ATM:

Cryptobase ATM has over 100 locations and is spreading fast across the southern U.S. This platform provides people with the option to buy and sell Bitcoin using cash at an ATM. The process is simple, quick, and user-friendly. People can get Bitcoin on their phones almost immediately on the successful completion of the transaction.

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