Meet The Social Media Manager Behind The Internet’s Most Viral Videos

November 22 15:12 2021
Eugene Litman is the Head of Social for magician and content creator Julius Dein.

TikTok and YouTube are currently among the most frequented social media platforms after Facebook. Millions of content creators and influencers are trying to push their ideas forward, although a tremendous amount of friction is caused by the sheer number of daily uploads.

Eugene Litman, a professional social media manager is committed to helping young influencers and creators emerge on top, just like he did with magician Julius Dein, who he helped grow to 11 Million TikTok followers and 5 Million YouTube subscribers this year alone.

Eugene acted in and edited the Jet Ski Wax video which was posted on the fourth of July in 2021 and currently has 6,6 million likes and over 274 million views. Although brilliant content and healthy humor are the pillars upon which the success of this video is based upon, Eugene’s social management skills have helped it become the most-watched YouTube short of all time.

Eugene Litman is the Head of Social at Julius Dein’s, where he pitched and launched two original shows on Snapchat and has developed his TikTok strategy and account.

Eugene has had experience with high-profile clients while working with Accenture Interactive, such as Hilton, Sony, Nutter Butter, Triscuit, Halls, and Good Thins. He led organic social strategies across all major platforms and had launched Nutter Butter’s TikTok channel, growing it to over 300K followers organically.

Eugene’s social media management expertise and a keen eye for trends have helped all of his clients establish a firm foothold in the digital world of social media. All of his clients have grown to become the leaders of their respective fields, and prominent social figures whose fanbases are rapidly, but more importantly, consistently growing still.

Eugene Litman is also creating travel videos for hotels and “explainer” style videos on his TikTok.

More information about Eugene Litman and his services can be found on his official Instagram page.

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