Tekpon: “The First” To Get Rid Of The #1 Problem In The Enterprise Software Industry

November 22 19:51 2021
Tekpon is a software marketplace that aims ends the software waste problem worth a whopping $30 Billion

In a world where businesses are trying to do more with less, wasting money on software that isn’t needed is an increasingly common phenomenon. In fact, a recent study found that companies in the US waste up to $30 Billion per year by purchasing and using ineffective software. The problem isn’t just limited to spending money on buying software licenses without using them to their full potential. But, there isn’t an easy way for users and businesses to find out which tools in the market will solve their problems. 

Fortunately, Tekpon emerges as a strategic solution for the problem of software wastage. Tekpon is a software marketplace that puts an end to software waste. With Tekpon’s objective of being “the only marketplace where you can find honest reviews about all available software,” people can avoid software waste. Furthermore, Tekpon solves this problem by connecting buyers with vendors who have tried and tested the tool in question beforehand. 

Instead of wasting money on ineffective software, people can easily find the right one for their specific needs. The team at Tekpon aims to accomplish this task by informing users what companies use specific tools, how effective they are, and why they should be used for business needs. By doing so, Tekpon plans on transforming both large and small businesses into successful companies while helping people understand how to save money by using the right software for their specific needs.

“You can succeed with your tech startup only if you choose the right software for your business,” says Alexandru Stan, CEO of Tekpon. “These days, there is such a thing as “perfect fit” which will give people just what they need and nothing more. That was our goal when we decided to build a perfect marketplace to find the perfect software,” Alexandru continues. 

Having a single point of reference is very advantageous, especially in situations where there are tons of options to choose from. Tekpon serves as that single point by pooling together reviews of all available software. The reviews are made up of personal experience and detailed feedback from users who have actually used the software. This makes them more legitimate than many other review systems online today. 

Tekpon has a user-friendly interface in which users can select their type of business and receive a set of curated recommendations based on what other companies are actually using. “Anyone can give a review for any product on Tekpon, but it takes someone with actual experience to offer relevant feedback that other customers would find useful,” Alexandru continues. Moreover, the reviews are thoroughly evaluated by the team at Tekpon to ensure maximum quality for users.

Tekpon has raised funding from some of the most influential investors, including GrowthBox and Seed-Stake. Currently, Tekpon is looking for partners and investors to raise more capital to scale its business and combat software waste. 

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