Bestselling author Kristen McInerney on following joy

January 06 21:17 2022
When she recognized that the corporate career she’d studied and planned for did not align with her authentic self, she gave it all up.

Armed with a double business major from the nationally recognized b-school at Arizona State University, Kristen McInerney was on her way to a successful career in corporate America. Then she walked into the office to start her first job and immediately thought, “Oh, this is not for me.” 

So she took a breath and adjusted her perspective. That first job would be “a stepping stone” and, while she didn’t know what the future would hold, she knew it would not be in the corporate world. “I’ve always had a dream of working for myself,” she says. “My dad’s an entrepreneur. He quit his job and became self-sufficient and built his business. I really looked up to that.” The loss of her grandmother, who was a giving and supportive presence for everyone around her, inspired Kristen to think about how she could use her talents to help others feel fulfilled—something she was definitely not doing in her corporate job. “I knew I wanted to do something that gives back more, that helps people enjoy their lives more, and feel more like themselves and better in their own skin,” she explains. The night of her grandmother’s funeral service, the answer came to her in a sudden download: “life coach.”

She turned that inspiration into action by spending her time after work gaining life-coaching skills, blogging, and putting her intentions out on Instagram. She thought that within a year she would have built up enough momentum to quit her corporate job. Instead, the loss of another family member drove her to seize the moment and she left the job after only two months. “Everything was guiding me toward letting this position go,” she says. “And I did.” Now she helps others reconnect with what brings them joy. Sometimes she asks a client to think back on what they loved as a kid. “Authenticity is my core belief and is the root of my coaching philosophy. And I think you’re the most authentic when you’re a kid. So no matter how old you are now, you still have the memories of when you were younger and you still know what brought you that joy and that light. You’re never too old to reconnect with it.”

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