Financial Services Company Relaunches In A New Sector

January 10 19:32 2022
Daryl Yurek provides best-in-class financial solutions for new and emerging businesses.

Daryl Yurek relaunches Bolder Venture Partners from London, Ontario. The new focus for Bolder Ventures is “content creation”, specifically blogs. Bolder will provide services to content creation companies including: marketing strategies (to expand audience and reach), sourcing affiliate relationships (to monetize the content), as well financing.

With over 30 years as a financial service professional and decades of experience working with 100’s of new start-up companies, Daryl Yurek’s history ensures solid foundations for healthy futures. To facilitate this change the company is proud to announce its new team. To account for scope and greater efficiency, Daryl Yurek has added Wendy Yurek as the corporate administrator. In order to offer the highest quality skills in specific niches, Glenn Wilcott has been hired as a vertical manager. Daryl Yurek understands that all early-stage companies come to a crossroads when making important decisions regarding direction and monetization. These crucial decisions can determine the future of the company. It is at these crossroads where Bolder Venture Partners expertise can change the course of an early stage business.

 Daryl believes in the power of building sustainable visions and missions along with solid financial structures to ensure an unshakeable business foundation. Daryl Yurek understands how important this early framework is to a growing company. Companies receive true value when they can draw on Daryl Yurek’s decades of experience with countless startup companies. Daryl Yurek speaks on the value and scope of his work over the past 30 years. “We have acted as investor, financial advisor, spokesman, founder, analyst, strategist, and filled senior management roles for over 20 early-stage growth companies. These experiences have afforded us a holistic perspective on the realities of a growing business. We have been fortunate to learn from great inventors, visionary leaders, and disciplined management teams; experiences that we hope will benefit our future relationships.”

Bolder Ventures Partners is prepared to aid those in need of expertise. Founded in 1997, serving start-ups for 25 years, Bolder Venture Partners ( will continue to provide unmatched financial services to early stage companies.

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