The rising star Royal Protocol sets the standard for the next generation of DeFi-Gaming on the Blockchain.

January 18 16:39 2022
Royal Protocol has just announced the launch of NFTySwap Exchange and their first-ever, cross-functional NFT Rock Paper Scissors mini-game. Players can use NFTySwap to swap between any of the three native tokens present in the Royal Protocol Ecosystem with ease.

Royal Protocol brings new life and meaning to the gaming ecosystem and introduces better standards for NFTs, allowing users to interface with more freedom and security than ever.

Their latest NFTySwap release allows members to swap, sell, or trade between RAR, ROY, or GROY tokens. ROY is the company’s native crypto token, GROY is the Governance token used for voting empowerment among the community, and RAR tokens are the native tokens players can win on Royal Arcade Rewind. Players can also win RAR tokens in the Rock Paper Scissors tournaments when competing against other players.

The Rock Paper Scissors mini-game already has over 300 active players to claim victory in the Royal leaderboards and get their share of RAR tokens to swap. The NFTs available through the RPS-game is also cross-functional, meaning that players will be able to play with these NFTs in future games coming onto the Royal Arcade Rewind platform.

The company has a dedicated team of 85+ developers, marketers, engineers, and artists that aren’t only like-minded but also innovative, outside-the-box thinkers and doers.  Royal Protocol’s development team stems from all over the crypto sphere and large companies such as Oracle.

The future for Royal Protocol is looking brighter than ever, with an unstoppable team that keeps driving open the gates in the crypto space with innovation, originality, and world-changing blockchain technology.

With integrity, security, and privacy as the fundamental pillars of their conquest, Royal Protocol continues to break through the barriers of innovation on the blockchain.

Learn more about Royal Protocol by visiting their website or following their social channels via their Linktree. You can also join their Telegram community group or check out their RockPaperScissors game or swap, trade, and sell some tokens on NFTySwap. The choice is yours.

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