The combination of high-power Physic-chemical analysis explains how Tinanik seizes the mainstream sunscreen market

January 18 17:00 2022

Sunscreen products have developed into one of the hottest categories in the cosmetics industry in recent years. Faced with this situation, South Korea’s Tinanik sunscreen has seized the mainstream sunscreen market by its high-power Physic-chemical combination.

Physic-chemical combination, multi-dimensional blocking UV damage

Sunscreen blocks direct sunlight throughout the year and prevents cumulative damage from UV rays. Tinanik sunscreen is a combination of physic-chemical sunscreen that blocking UV damage while also absorb the skin problems caused by UV rays.

Tinanik uses a combination of physical and chemical sunscreens to take its advantages, making the protection ability perfect and lasting, and improve the skin feeling. It’s not only suitable for outdoor use, but also for indoor UV protection.

Sunscreen is the foundation, pay attention to the comprehensive development of skin care products is inevitable

Below the same price, consumers care about the effect of sunscreen and also notice the skin feeling of sunscreen products. Dimensions related to sunscreen texture, such as greasy degree, smell, moisturizing and waterproofing level etc., have received high attention from consumers.

Affordable Tinanik sunscreen just meets the needs of consumers. In addition to its outstanding performance in sunscreen, the skin also feels relatively fresh and bring non-greasy sense to the skin. Furthermore, it is waterproof, suitable for sensitive skin, children, pregnant women and sunburned people.

It doesn’t contain harmful alcohol, also adds the classic whitening ingredient nicotinamide, the anti-inflammatory and moisturizing ingredients such as centella asiatica and polydatin. It integrates the triple effects of sunscreen, whitening and anti-aging, which has become the fundamental of Tinanik sunscreens on the sunscreen market.

New products injecting new “energy” into the brand

Behind the changes in the market structure is new demands and technologies.  In the fiercely competitive skin care market, it is necessary to accumulate technical strength and continuously launch new personalized products. Tinanik has developed acne patches for acne-prone skin to meet the needs of consumers for problematic skin.

Tinanik acne patch, originally from South Korea, are sold in physical stores such as oliveyoung. The convenient use methods and not affecting facial integrity are a competitive advantage of this acne patch.

Sunscreen skin care is a huge potential market. Brands need to continuously upgrade sunscreen technology and formulate strategies that meet consumer needs. Tinanik has set an example and looks forward to creating more skin care products, making more achievements in the future!

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