Villain or Victim: Is Mental Illness a Crime

May 11 14:57 2022

With his book, In the Matter of Edwin Potter: Mental Illness and Criminal Justice Reform (IMOEP),David Geiger delivers the heart wrenching and infuriating truth behind the Criminal Justice System, complete with a comprehensive essay discussing the changes to be made to improve such a flawed system, by writing a true story heavily based on his own life. The whole narrative is written in the third person point of view but provides an in-depth insight into what goes on inside the mind of the protagonist, Edwin Potter.

IMOEP tells the story of how Edwin Potter, a promising young man with a beautiful family and a promising career, went from being a respectable member of society to being a scorned criminal — a monster whose mental illness threatens to jeopardize the safety of those around him. It took only one night for Edwin Potter’s life to be turned upside down by the works of his own hands and mind. Having pleaded “not guilty for reason of insanity”, Edwin finds himself held as a patient in the State Psychiatric Hospital where the readers are treated to intriguing conversations between different patients with varying states of mental illness. IMOEP covers years of progress, disappointment, hope, and courage from both the protagonist and the author, taking the readers through their entire journey.

The story of Edwin Potter emphasizes the importance of David Geiger’s logical and workable criminal justice reform, advocating for both ex-convicts and patients with mental illness. With his revolutionary essay, Reducing Recidivism, the author calls out the shortcomings of both society and the criminal justice system in supporting these people in their reintegration into normalcy, ultimately forcing them to revert to old, crime-inclined habits.

“Geiger puts the spotlight on schizophrenia but presents the whole picture of how the criminal justice system can fall short in protecting the society but not those suffering from mental illness. He could have just written a documentary to tell his story but he gave life to Edwin Potter in a way that is enormously compelling, fast-paced, and sustains intense interest.” ~ Writera Magazine Review

“This book is an eye-opener, a call for action of some sort, that encourages its readers to spread awareness and make an educated stand regarding criminal justice reform.” ~ Goodreads Review

In the Matter of Edwin Potter: Mental Illness and Criminal Justice Reform is available in ebook and print versions at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other online booksellers.

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