FK814 Top And Bottom Labeling Machine

May 11 17:24 2022

plane andbottom labeling machine

With the progress of The Times, the cost of manual labor is getting higher and higher, and the way of manual labeling has caused more and more cost payment for enterprises. More and more enterprises need to automate production line, labeling machine produced is with the change of The Times and the needs of enterprises, but the previous labeling machine is difficult to achieve a machine multi-purpose, often the top surface of the product labeling with a machine, the bottom surface labeling with another machine, It not only increases the cost of purchase and maintenance, but also wastes the time of using the machine. In order to achieve the effect of labeling on the top and bottom surfaces at the same time, many labeling machine manufacturers independent research, but many manufacturers can only do some low precision low requirements of the labeling effect, For example, the carton labeling small label, The label is crooked and the accuracy of labeling is very poor, Rarely can achieve full coverage of high-precision labeling effect.

FINECO is honored to be one of the manufacturers that can achieve high-precision top and bottom surface labeling and full coverage labeling effect, We named our machine FK814 Top And Bottom Labeling Machine. During the research and development process, we made a lot of modifications and tests on the top and bottom labeling links of the machine, used different parts and structures, calculated the distance between each station and calculated the distance between the links to be accurate to 0.1mm, a total of more than 60 modifications were made before the machine was finally produced.

The machine labeling speed: (40~100 PCS /min). Standard machine for product size: (L:40~400mm; W:40~200mm; H:0.2~120mm have to customization if beyond the range). Labeling accuracy  ±1mm). Machine size  L*W*H; 1930*695*1390mm).

The machine has received a very good market response and is well received by manufacturers of plastic boxes, such as crayon boxes, egg boxes and other manufacturers of packaging materials industry. At present, 192 sets of standard and customized models of the machine have been sold in half a year.

The machines are so popular in the market that we believe they will also be popular in your country. For more information about the machines, please contact us.

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