Evangelist Cheryl Green Opens the Doors of a Brand New Ministry Outreach in Her New Book

August 02 16:36 2022

The author believes success is finding what has the most outreach and using it to spread the truth

Spreading one’s message to the world and capturing the gaze and attention of the world around them can be a daunting task. Yet, if one learns to make use of a channel that can grab people’s attention, they can leverage it to get their message across. Impact Leadership with Evangelist Cheryl Green (now available on Amazon) is a book that will show its readers how the author was able to do just this with her ministry.

A native of Detroit, Michigan, Evangelist Cheryl Green, aka C-Money The Discipler — Minister-In-Rap, is a success story of spiritual activism. Her desire is to preach the Gospel, edify believers, and evangelize the world with the flow-style flavor of hip-hop righteous rap. Evangelist Green wishes to extend her ministry worldwide with the release of her debut book and record. Unashamed to preach the message of the Gospel, she wishes to reach out to the unchurched and a society of youth who may never enter a church building. She states that hip-hop is a great means of outreach in this regard: “Hip-hop culture spans all ethnicities. It does not see color. At rap concerts, you see whites, blacks, browns, yellows, reds, and every color in between. This culture, this movement, has done a better job than the government and all the churches combined with bringing people of different nationalities together.”

One of the major issues Evangelist Green pinpoints is the racial segregation and disparity that is plaguing the modern world. She boldly speaks out about crossing all barriers through the use of rap music — a uniting force that brings people of all races together. By using rap music, Evangelist Green wishes to make her message accessible to a wider range of people and people of all races.

“The message of salvation should cross all racial, social, and cultural barriers. We must develop strategies to reach every segment of the population. Righteous rap takes this message of salvation to all people and makes it accessible,” says Evangelist Green.

Whether one believes in religion or not, Impact Leadership with Evangelist Cheryl Green has precious gems that readers can extract by reading between the lines. The story of the author, her zeal for her ministry, and her desire for a greater outreach will spark the desire for those who wish to do the same but require the right motivation.

Paige Bonanno, Senior Producer at Disney Studios, shares her comments on Evangelist Green’s ability to always be positive: “Cheryl is truly a gem of a human being. She approaches every situation or struggle that comes her way with grace, choosing to stay uplifted even when things seem impossible. She has a gift for turning negatives into positives and shifting the outlook of others along the way. Tenacious, determined, and full of heart, Cheryl is the type of person who everyone wants on their side!”

Talent and Brand Manager Kylie McDonald speaks of Evangelist Green’s ability to motivate others to succeed: “Cheryl’s consistent confidence, determination, and love for life and the people around her are inspiring. Whether it’s a prayer or positive and encouraging words, she always knows what to say to encourage and uplift in a time of need. Cheryl is the epitome of strength and love. Through life experience and a constant journey of wanting to be the best person she can be, she is constantly teaching and motivating those around her to also be the best and most successful version of themselves.”

Impact Leadership with Evangelist Cheryl Green is now for sale on Amazon.

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