Meet Jim Cash, The Man Who Has Been Reincarnated Three Times

February 11 00:12 2021
Meet Jim Cash, The Man Who Has Been Reincarnated Three Times

Jim Cash lives a seemingly conventional life. He works a stable job, is very friendly to speak to, and has a wonderful sense of humor. Success has also followed the hard work of him and his father.

Cash’s father graduated from college as an engineer and went to work for NASA. He subcontracted for them for Honeywell. Honeywell designed and created the autopilot for the Gemini Spacecraft in the late 1950’s. Cash’s father was then assigned chief engineer for the team. He started working for the Fairchild company in the early 1970’s. He was in charge of a sales team that sold photographic lenses for satellites. A couple of years later, the company began to part ways, so he decided to go into business with his friend in Atlanta, Georgia.

They opened up a heating and air conditioning business. It was during this time that Cash dropped out of school to work for his father. They built a massive HVAC wholesaling business, making upwards of seven-figures a year.

During the twenty-something years they worked together, Cash was successful and very innovative with fabrication, machinery, and networking. After they sold the business, Cash went into ground transportation trucking, where he worked to provide for his two children as a loving single father.

On the surface, Cash has all of the traits of someone you wouldn’t mind having over for dinner or introducing to your family. Cash’s hard work and determination have afforded him a life that has allowed him to not only take care of himself but his children and those he has employed as well.

There is one detail about Cash’s life. However, that might raise an eyebrow or two when inviting him over for dinner with family: this is, in fact, Cash’s third life here on earth.

Before this life cycle, Cash was a General of the Infantry who was executed in World War II… for war crimes. And before that, he was an off-world engineer who was sent to Earth from the planet Pleiades and was present during the creation of many earthly wonders.

Very specific memories from these lives have followed Cash all throughout his present life. The first time he started having these visions, he told himself there is no way it could be true, that there must be something wrong.

After years of trying to deny the visions, Cash would encounter so many new ones that he finally came to terms with the reality of having lived twice before.

Cash has found a number of open-minded people who have had similar experiences or at least experiences that have made them question whether this was their first life or not.

Through telling his story, Cash has found that these people are typically too afraid to speak up for fear of ridicule. Many of these same people also carry religious or spiritual beliefs. Reincarnation has been taught alongside religion throughout the history of humankind.

But ultimately, Cash’s message is not focused on proving naysayers wrong, and it’s to encourage people not to fear death. That death is more natural than we think – and that we are perfectly built and suited to go through it multiple times.

The greatest lesson Cash has learned is the satisfaction in knowing that humanity has more than one chance, and the ability to remember previous experiences has provided a wealth of comfort.

Jim Cash is working on the first draft of his book, a story that aims to take readers on a journey through his origins – from his first life, his second life, and his third.

He is also available for public speaking engagements and one-on-one consultations.

To know more about Jim Cash, you may visit his website.

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