‘God the Lover of Your Soul: Relationship Not Religion’ by Hollis C. Spence Reveals a Transcending Reality

April 02 17:22 2021

April 2, 2021 – The relationship with God transcends the boundaries of religion. While religion focuses on the rituals, the relationship with God is on a more sacred level. There is something more personal and intimate that gives strength to the believer, says author Hollis C. Spence in his latest book, God the Lover of Your Soul: Relationship Not Religion’. 

This revolutionary book takes the readers on a spiritual journey to help believers discover themselves and their relationship with God. It strives to open the readers’ hearts and minds to the power of His unconditional love. The powerful words move the readers to question their limitations and the boundaries set by religion 

Hollis C. Spence is raising some potent questions through the book God the Lover of Your Soul: Relationship Not Religion’, moving the readers to shift their perspective of the known. In the book, the author discusses the similarity between one’s emotional needs with that of God, laying it as the basis for having a more intimate relationship with Him. Hollis urges the readers to let go of their rituals, religious practices, fears and doubts for a fulfilling relationship with God.  

While life may have its hurdles and obstaclesit is never supposed to have you, a lasting intimate connection with Him can be the faith that pulls one through it all. It is a journey of discovery of the self through a relationship with God. Discussing the demerits of religion against the merits of a personal, lasting relationship is what the book is all about. 

Talking about the book, Hollis C. Spence said: This book is all about relationships and nothing to do with religion. It is about a relationship that is emotionally felt between the eternal GOD and YOU! A connection that God wanted so immensely, he was willing to die for it. 

God the Lover of Your Soul: Relationship Not Religion’ will be releasing this Easter and can be purchased through Barnes & Noble and Amazon.  




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