David Schroeder Helps People Suffering from Chronic Pain Through His Groundbreaking Book, “7 Ways to Manage Pain With CBD”

April 20 02:15 2021
David Schroeder Helps People Suffering from Chronic Pain Through His Groundbreaking Book, "7 Ways to Manage Pain With CBD"

Chronic pain has become a massively worrying trend in America. According to a recent study by the CDC, in 2019 alone, 20.4% of American adults have suffered from chronic pain, while 7.4% of adults had chronic pain that frequently limited life or work activities, also known as high-impact chronic pain. David Anthony Schroeder is a chronic pain survivor, helping others that have suffered from the disease to live. 

David Schroeder is one of the nation’s foremost advocates for the use of cannabidiol (CBD) for therapeutic pain management. He is an autodidactic expert of CBD out of personal necessity. For over 45 years, David has suffered from long periods of chronic pain. It wasn’t until an acquaintance of his in the cannabis industry gave him a CBD pain stick that he finally realized the solution to his chronic pain problems.

Since then, David Schroeder became invested in the CBD industry and embarked on a quest to find the answers to his disease. He did a lot of research and stumbled upon various medical information and studies that weren’t readily available to the public. On the surface, most of what he found were people trying to sell CBD without offering any real-life substance. 

However, as he immersed himself and dug deeper into his research, he found out a lot of valuable information that he decided to do the right thing and compile all of that information in his very own book. Currently 57 years old, David fully admits that aging is a merciless process, and old injuries have a nasty way of cropping up time and time again in the most unexpected ways.

Through his discovery of CBD, David learned that through CBD use, his stiff, dull pain would become a manageable ache, and the sharp jabbing pain would become a dull pain. CBD made life a little more livable for David, and now he wants to share his real-life experiences with the world and sing praises of the benefits of CBD.

David Schroeder points out that his book is purely anecdotal, not scientific. The results may vary from person to person, but these are real experiences and real testimonies that cannot be discounted. His book 7 Ways to Manage Pain with CBD has been dubbed as the only book of its kind on Medium.com. Portland News declares that 7 Ways to Manage Pain with CBD is in a league of its own, while an Amazon reviewer recently hailed the book as the “Pain Management bible.” 

He has taken it upon himself to give every new user outside the cannabis industry the tools and the knowledge that they require to use cannabis as a medical resource, allowing their bodies to receive its many benefits. There is absolutely no other CBD book out there that covers as much terrain as David Schroeder’s 7 Ways to Manage Pain with CBD. It is a book that shows the world how to fight the war against chronic pain through multiple forms of CBD. It is a testament to the healing powers and benefits of CBD, and David Schroeder couldn’t be more excited to share his experiences with the world. 

To know more about David Schroeder and his groundbreaking book, make sure to visit his official website.

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