Paint Addictive Proves Itself as A Long-Term Solution in Eliminating Airborne Pathogens

April 20 02:33 2021
Air ReNu is helping the homeowners with its Ionic Paint Addictive to keep their homes free from the transmission of pathogenic organisms!

Palm Coast, FL, USA – Today most people are spending most of their time indoors, where they are exposed to the potential sources of pollution, which can lead to distress and illness.That’s why ventilation and clean air are significant to a healthy environment.Air-ReNu is stimulating immense competition for air purifiers with its innovative Ionic Paint Additive that has been geared up to remove odors and purify the atmosphere around it through cutting-edge ionic technology.

With over 14 years of experience, Ionic Paint Addictive, an award-winning technology by Air-ReNu, is a 100% natural inorganic paint additive, developed for the purpose of air purification in residential and commercial properties. It has been proven to eliminate airborne pathogens, the illness-producing agents such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and odors that are floating in the air. e of the other major reasons for the growth of pathogens problems in the home is the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which are easy-to-evaporate, carbon-based chemicals. They may or may not have odors and may come from building materials or from personal care products. Human activities such as cooking, smoking, or using wood-burning stoves, for example, can produce VOCs.

“The control and prevention of infections and diseases of airborne pathogens are not simple. Many people underestimate the effectiveness of preventive technologies to cleanse the air of particles carrying odors and other pollutants. The airborne particles may remain localized to the room or move depending on the airflow.  Adding our Ionic Additive to paint and applying it to an interior wall makes the surface a continuous antimicrobial purification system,” says Vincent Valles, the Founder of Air ReNu. 

Painting interior walls using this additive essentially turns walls into air purification systems by minimizing the exposure to airborne pathogens, which is a common denominator of all human life. The Ionic paint Addictive uses air currents in the home to circulate airborne particles holding odors, mold spores, and animal dander that, when ionized by the paint, additives are oxidized and eliminated.

This avant-garde additive which is a blend of 31 natural, rare minerals with piezoelectric and pyro-electric properties, purifies the air of airborne pathogens, cat urine odors, andcigarette smoke odors. A surface painted with the ionic additive will continue to remain effective as long as the paint is intact over the surface; about 8-12 years or until repainting, a clean green solution for healthy indoor air quality without requiring electricity and maintenance & cleaning charges.

Individuals desiring to get Ionic Paint Addictive can visit the Air ReNu’s website to transform their walls into a permanent air purification system and to minimalize the transmission of infectious disease by the airborne route at a lesser cost than an air purifier. Currently, Air-ReNu is running a special discount to make odor removal a budget-friendly affair. On the purchase of three or more packs, Ionic Paint Additives is giving two complimentary packets.

About the Company:

Founded in 2008 and located in Florida, Air-ReNu is renowned for Ionic Paint Additive, an effective solution for eliminating smoking odors, airborne pathogens, and cat urine odors.

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