Pool Ninja Pros Releases a New Product, the Vibranz Fiberglass Pool Care System

June 09 13:09 2021
Pool Ninja Pros Releases a New Product, the Vibranz Fiberglass Pool Care System

Pool Ninja Pros is proud to announce the release of its new product line called Vibranz. Vibranz is a pool care system designed for fiberglass pools. “This new product line is a first in the industry. The team here at Pool Ninja Pros has developed a pool care system that is specific to the needs of fiberglass pool owners,” according to Michael Garza, the company’s Vice President.

One of the biggest problems fiberglass pool owners face with their fiberglass pools is the whitening or fading of the fiberglass pool shell. “The whitening or fading of the pool shell is most commonly caused by improper water chemistry and over time that can have an impact on the pool’s shell and its ability to protect itself. This can definitely affect the visual appearance of the pool,” commented Mr. Garza. 

Fiberglass pools have been around for decades and are extremely popular in the United States. The fiberglass pool industry is booming and has many manufacturers. Each manufacturer makes their pools differently, but most utilize common materials in the process. “Fiberglass pools are unique compared to traditional in-ground pools and because of this, they require a unique approach to pool water chemistry. This is why we created Vibranz,” stated Mr. Garza. 

“With decades of experience in all forms of pool construction, hundreds of fiberglass pool install, direct work with manufacturers, and work with our great chemists, our team developed a system to help combat some of the negative effects traditional pool chemicals can have on a fiberglass pool. This product doesn’t replace the traditional pool chemistry regimen but enhances it and acts as another layer of protection to keep your fiberglass pool looking great while enhancing the overall pool water experience,” further commented Mr. Garza.

The Vibranz product line comes in 2 options. The first is a starter kit and the second is a recharge kit. The company’s website has information and videos to help guide customers on proper usage. The website also has the option for purchasing the product and offers free shipping within the continental United States. The Vibranz product will also be available through fiberglass pool installers and pool chemical retail stores. For more information, please visit the company’s website

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