Joe “Boo” Baker Releases “The Life of Boo Baker,” One of the Best Novels to Read in 2021

September 23 17:40 2021
Unarguably one of the best novels to be read in 2021, Joe Baker’s “The Life of Boo Baker” is a finely crafted masterpiece that has got everyone talking

Now and then, people walk into a book store looking for something new and entertaining. Day in day out, writers are always looking for the right inspiration and content to write about, and the task required to create something awesome is becoming challenging. With the hundreds of book content released daily, it is rare to find a book that gets the literary world’s attention.

Such is the case of Joe Thomas Baker III and his “The Life of Boo Baker” book. Joe is a four-time self-published author, and his recent book, “The Life of Boo Baker,” has got everyone talking. The book, dubbed one of the best novels to read in 2021, is an autobiography about Joe Baker III. It takes readers on a journey into the life of a young man growing up in Springfield, Tennessee, with little guidance and direction and how he found his way through life as well as the judicial system.

Born in Clarksville and raised in Springfield, Tennessee, Joe “Boo” Baker grew up in a functional, dysfunctional family and found himself in a lifestyle that he got his money from the streets from a young age. As it is known, Hustle was part of Joe’s life as he was referred to as ‘Jack Boy.’ At a very young age, Joe was molested by a family member and was always getting in and out of trouble with the law from a juvenile. Facing charges of special aggravated robbery, special aggravated kidnapping, and first-degree premeditated murder, Joe eventually served ten years in prison, where he evolved as a person.

“The Life of Boo Baker” is a fascinating story that is sure to keep everyone on their toes as they seek to know about the intriguing life of Joe Baker III. The book also unveils Joe’s journey while incarcerated, starting from his escape from county jail to being held in prison with his biological father and brother, getting engaged to a correctional officer, a life of prison hustling and gang banging to a complete 180-degree change.

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About Joe Thomas Baker III

Joe Thomas Baker III is a 4-time self-published author, with “The Life of Boo Baker” being his most recent bestselling novel. “The Life of Boo Baker” is truly a page-turning autobiography about Joe Baker III. It profiles the life of a young man growing up in Springfield, Tennessee, with not much guidance and direction trying to find his way through life and the judicial system.

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