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November 30 00:54 2021

London – 29 November, 2021 – founder and CEO Nicholas Green (MEng Oxford) believes that the traditional UK tutor market has been disrupted forever by the continued growth of online tutoring even as schools and universities return after the pandemic, as Spires tutors continues to see an increased number of online tutoring jobs posted to the platform.

“It is clear parents have become aware of the benefits and so continue to post online tutoring jobs on our platform. We meet their needs of high-quality support for their children at an affordable price and we cut out the requirement to drive students to and from lessons,” said Nick.

“The fact that tutorials are online enables these parents to cherry-pick the best tutors for each subject, and they always get the days and times that fit their schedules; that wasn’t always possible when using local tutors. The students make up for missed work, and in the end excel at subjects that they may have been falling behind with as a result of disruptions. Of course, once parents and students see the results, they naturally want to keep the positive trend going.”

Nick believes that the UK is set to experience an explosion in the online tutoring market similar to that experienced in the United States in recent years. For this reason, Spires continue their recruitment drive for the very best online tutors.

“For ourselves and other UK online tutoring providers, the indications are there that this is still a burgeoning industry. We ensure our difference is in our rigorous recruitment process. Only 4% of tutors who apply are successful, and we do not employ students – only professional tutors. Our clients have gold standard options when they post online tutoring jobs on the Spires platform”

It is likely that 2022 will see an increase in smaller providers focussed on niche areas of academic study in the UK market, which Nick believes “will increase awareness of online tutoring and fuel further growth from the corporates.”

Launched in 2014, is completely unique: delivering Oxbridge-standard tutoring at all levels – from primary all the way to post-graduate and professional chartered qualifications. And at affordable prices. Interest has been very strong: and Spires has had more than 100,000 students and parents posting tutoring jobs posted on the platform.

A selection of the top-quality online dissertations tutors available on

What is Spires?

Spires is the most advanced tutoring platform in the world and it provides a safe, powerful and stable all-in-one platform for online tutoring jobs globally.

Spires has been built by tutors for tutors. We believe the platform is only as good as the online tutors that we have on it. This is why we only accept the top 4% of those that apply.

Tutors set their own prices by bidding on jobs. Average tutor pay is £40/$53/€45 per hour.

Spires only works with professional online tutors and experienced university-level tutors from top universities and institutions.

Who can apply to be a tutor? | Who we are looking for

We look for online tutors in all subjects, for all age groups and levels of study. From Primary school right through to Professional qualifications. Spires is a global platform and we have tutors and students from all over the world.

Skills we search for in new online tutors:

Relevant degree or teaching qualifications – broadly in the areas tutored. Teaching qualifications aren’t necessary but give a significant boost to an application.

Relevant teaching experience – Ideally as a teacher, lecturer or private tutor. We rarely accept recent graduates without previous teaching experience.

Online teaching experience – This can include on other remote online tutoring platforms, VLEs, online whiteboards and so forth. This is not essential but as online teaching has unique requirements and demands, we like to see previous experience from our tutors.

We will only invite people to interview if we think their skills will be genuinely utilised on Spires.

Tutoring is all about being knowledgeable, positive, proactive, likeable, approachable and competent. In short, professional. These are the qualities we look for in our tutors.


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